What does pumpkin seed extract do?

What is pumpkin seed extract powder good for?
Pumpkin seed extract powder contains a certain amount of pumpkin seed protein, and the content of unsaturated fatty acid is high, up to 77.073%. Pumpkin seed protein is high in protein and dietary fiber, low in fat and sodium, making it the first choice among many plant-based proteins for those seeking to optimize their bodies and strengthen their bodies. For dieters who need a low-calorie diet, replacing some of the protein in their diet with pumpkin seed protein not only reduces cholesterol and saturated fat intake, but also achieves a balanced nutritional intake.

Pumpkin seeds are also rich in soybean oleic acid, which can nourish brain cells and remove deposits on the inner wall of blood vessels, thus improving brain function and cerebral blood circulation, thus preventing the occurrence of atherosclerosis to some extent. High levels of plasma cholesterol are a major cause of heart disease. Dietary animal fat can raise the plasma cholesterol level, which is an important factor leading to atherosclerosis and heart disease. Pumpkin seed protein does not contain cholesterol and can replace animal protein.

What is pumpkin seed extract powder apply for?
Food: Pumpkin seed protein powder can be directly added as a nutritional supplement to flour, corn flour and other finished grains to make up for the deficiency of essential amino acids (especially lysine) in grain food. It can also be used as an additive to improve the flavor and nutrition of baked goods.
Meat products: adding pumpkin seed protein powder to higher-grade meat products not only improves the texture and flavor of meat products but also increases the protein content and strengthens the vitamins.
Dairy products: Pumpkin seed protein powder nutrition comprehensive, and does not contain cholesterol.
Beverage: Pumpkin seed kernel powder was used as the research object, glutinous rice powder, japonica rice powder and potato starch were used as the auxiliary materials, and pumpkin seed kernel powder was prepared after mixed preparation.
Health care products: Pumpkin seed protein can be directly added to health care products with the effects of improving cardiovascular diseases, enhancing immunity and anti-oxidation.

Pumpkin Seed Extract Pumpkin Seed Extract

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