What does the first job teach us?

Beginning your life in the professional world can be overwhelming sometimes. It might also be enlightening as many find it shocking. You are likely to get your first professional job right after graduation, which is around your early twenties. However, the experience of the first job remains special for rest of the career. It teaches things you may not learn anywhere. And in probability, it influences your professional life in the future.

Whether you are getting a degree from marketing or management school, your first job is a learning experience. As a newbie, you are eager and enthusiastic. Your seniors will be willing to teach and allow you to grow within the industry.

As you progress through, you may face some challenges and is packed with plenty of learnings. Following are some important lessons you learn –

Details matter

If you are not a detail-orientated individual, work at it. It is one of those abilities that improve with regular exercise. It is crucial to check every piece twice before sending it off. Avoid committing any errors. Give your best in everything and deliver top performance as it is easier to build trust over time with the seniors and colleagues.


Your ideas can influence project planning. Simply contribute ideas that alter the tone of a discussion. Every company needs young, fresh employees. Millennials bring a fresh perspective and knowledge to any team. As the team grows, they get into a comfort zone. A new and fresh opinion from a young team member is always a welcome gesture. It also means input is important. Remember, there are people who may not appreciate what you offer. But that should not deter you from sharing your views. Completion of management courses land you with jobs where organisations need fresh talent.

Job description template

The facts listed on your job description are guidelines as to what you must perform. However, do not focus much on it as you may miss out on other opportunities around. The job description is a template prepared by companies to guide their employees. You must stand out, go beyond your described responsibilities. Do not shy away to work outside your comfort zone. If someone from another department asks for help, assist them. You get noticed for all the right reasons. It is important to complete every task with passion and pay attention to detail.

Your first professional job is the perfect place to learn about the industry. So, take advantage of everything being offered. Take risks, dedicate yourself to your work, be proactive, make mistakes and learn from them. All these will help you have a better future and career. Any school of management hones the already possessed skills.

It is advisable to have a degree from a reputed management school to increase the prospects of getting a good job with a reputed business house.

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