If a user receives TurboTax error 102345 while opening a TurboTax file in the Windows software, the user may be opening a non-tax file. This problem is caused by incorrectly configured system files. These system files cause registry errors in the operating system.


  • If the user opens a non-tax file in TurboTax, he or she may encounter the error.
  • If the user opens a tax file from a previous version of the TurboTax software, the error may also occur.
  • Error 102345 could also be caused by adware, spyware, or virus threats.
  • The user may encounter registry errors because of installing new programs over old programs.
  • Corrupted TurboTax files could also be the source of the error code 102345.


Before proceeding with the TurboTax error 102345 solutions, the user should ensure that the TurboTax software is up to date.

SUGGESTION 1: Use RegCure Pro to automatically repair

  • First, download and install RegCure Pro on your computer.
  • After that, click the scan button.
  • Now, select the fix errors option.
  • Finally, restart the computer.

SUGGESTION 2: Use Plumbytes to optimize the computer.

  • Begin by downloading plumbytes.
  • Now, simply follow the installation wizard’s instructions.
  • The user must then launch plumbytes and click on the run a scan icon.
  • Finally, click select all and then remove now to remove the threats from the system.

Intuit’s TurboTax software is used to prepare US income tax returns. TurboTax, along with H&R Block Tax Software and TaxAct, is the market leader in its product category. The user may encounter a TurboTax health insurance error while working on the health insurance section page in the TurboTax software. Every other user who encounters this error may run into a variety of problems.

What factors contribute to TurboTax Health Insurance Errors?

Users may encounter some issues while using the health insurance section page. The following are the conditions and steps to correct the TurboTax Health Insurance Error:

PROBLEM 1: I received an error message stating that “answering the health insurance question is no longer required.” How should I proceed?


  • To begin, the user must select the health insurance tab, then select none of us ever had it and leave all waivers blank.
  • The user must now click continue to finish the health insurance section.
  • The user must then select “My Account.”
  • The user must choose tools and click the delete a form button to delete all healthcare-related forms.
  • The user must go to my account and tools.
  • Finally, the user must choose View Tax Summary, then Preview 1040.

PROBLEM 2: I am unable to investigate healthcare insurance. According to the mistake, I am not liable because I am not self-sufficient, and my parents can claim on my behalf.

SUGGESTION 2: If the user is not self-sufficient and is living at the expense of his or her parents, the user is not obligated to purchase health insurance. For more information, the user can contact TurboTax professionals.

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