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And that day, Romo is still adamant that he wanted to return to the highest level in athletics, because he is still eager to experience the kind of joy and victory brought athletics again. And when he was talking about them, or stand up choked with sobs.

New Orleans Saint and Corner Weiwei Jenolis – Jenkins Recycling for 2 years
Janoris Jenkins last season Janoris Jenkins has only played 3 games for New Orleans. But now Saints hope that he can play more than 2 years for the team.

In fact, Brown did not completely pay the $ 9 million, the guarantee of the contract was composed of 6.25 million US dollars and 275 million beauty. The 6.25 million gold Delvene in 2015 is certain, which has made him a league. 20 high-income external connections.

In 2006 in Seattle, the National League wild card race, the last left in the game 1 minute 19 seconds, Cowboys 20 to 21 1 point behind the Seahawks, Cowboys special teams array of 2-yard line, the penalty as long as they enter the 21 yards free kick, it the go-ahead score, help players team quarterback Tony Romo. Later in the story, almost everyone knows, Romo is not connected to open out the ball, then he tried to punch the ball touchdown, but eventually grappled in front of the end zone.

This season Dwien only completed 7 games, contributing to the worst season of career, just completed 5 batches to promote 53 yards, the maximum number of passed, only 16 yards. Such data is obviously unable to acquire his contract, but he still has a guarantee of 9 million US dollars from Brown.

When the team leads to 17-12 and holds a ball, there is still 20 seconds, what should I do? Bob Gibson in this case, Bob Gibson, Bob Gibson. In the 1978 giant, the eagle, in this case, Gibson arranged a sports tactics, rather than letting the quadrowers finished directly. Then, the most classic scene happened, running the defend, Samaka, said: “Don’t give me the ball!”, So the Eagle’s Herm Edwards grabbed this fall, and all the way Run 26 points, reverse the game. After the game, Gibson was directly sled, and no tactics of any NFL competition were arranged.

The small horse in 2009 is unstoppable. In a Sunday Night, the patriot is 6 points, and there is still 2 minutes from the end. The patriot is array in the first 28 yards of the end of their side, ready for the fourth flight attack. Bill Belichick lets Tom Brady will go down to the player. I want this to give the ponytail to use the last pause. But things are willing, and there is no first attack. Finally, the horses got a victory in 35:34.

2015, Romo injured in the second week, followed by the fifth week after the team lost at home to the Patriots game, Romo went to plaster the center of the field, clapping and Tom Brady, Brady said of Romo, See you in February . Only four wins that season denim is certainly not likely to meet in February with Brady, but to say that Romo is presumably better than anyone eager to stage the self-evident right.

When playing the best, 31-year-old Jenkins can firmly demonstrate the opponent. His performance last season fell, but he had rebounded after joining the Saint. Nowadays, Jenkn Lattimore, Marko, wholesale jerseys Marcus Williams, and Malcolm Jenkins, served as the Second-line defense of Saints for security guards to help the ball. The team entered the playoffs again in the new season.

Dwick-Bao, each time you get a ball, you can get 1.8 million US dollars.
It is not too much to describe the Court Season of Cleveland Brown. As the Johnny Manziel team loses several starting players. All this seems to have become a brown style.

I called a pause in front of the other party to play a pause. It has become more popular in the alliance. It is comparable to “Ding Day.” But the Deni’s head coach Jason Garrett was played in the game in his own player. In 2011, cowboy was flattened with the tamp, and cowboy kicked a 49-yard shot to kill the opponent, but because the previous pause, he was able to play. Then the second feet did not shot, causing the two sides into the overtime, the saga also won, the cowboy has no external card.

The Minnesota Viking only lost 1 game in the 1998 season, and they were the strongest teams in NFL history. Randall Cunningham regularly came out of 34 reachaes, Randy Moss received 17. They met Atlanta Falcon in the Federation of Federation, 27:27. Dennis Green decided to use the light time, I hope to defeat the opponent in the overtime game, there is still 30 seconds from the end, and the Viking people are three times in the 30 yards. The first attack is only 3 yards. And hold 2 pauses. Finally, they lost their games, and they did not recover past states.

2006 Thanksgiving, Romo’s fourth game, against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, few people know that losing rookie surrendered 29 pass 22, 306 yards 5 touchdowns in this country live in, passing 148.9 score report card, fame. When he played only 11 times was named to the Pro Bowl, but he is already after Troy Aikman Cowboys had played the first 11 quarterback.

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