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The raid person signed four points to Mike Glenn
Beijing March 24th, the official is announced on Friday, signed unlimited free players, four-point Wei Mike Glennon. According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the contract is one year, with a basic salary of 2 million US dollars, and an additional $ 2 million incentive bonus.

The red ramp currently needs to make up the angular guard lineup. At present, they are expected to make Malcolm Butler and Robert-Alford (Robert Alford), the first outer angle guard, Bayon Murphy (Byron Murphy) Ren starting trough angle guard.

In the competition of the University of Florida against the Louisiana State University, Wilson hugged the opponent’s near-end Hel-Taylor. Since the winning coupon Wilson forget, throw the shoes that Taylor will be flying to the celebration. This throws are broken, Wilson is punished in violation of sports moral behavior, and the opponent has received new offensive opportunities, and eventually win with any racket.

Rockets to trades Central Waffles – Wilson
US time Saturday, the red rickets were traded up, and the corner Wei Horse could be selected in the fourth round – Wilson. This player Cheap Jerseys From China the University of Fronda was named in December last December; & mdash; but it is more special way.

Glennong is a three-year show in 2013. It is Tampawan pirate effectiveness in the past three seasons, and then played in the bear team, but the latter selected Mitchell Trubisky, Glennon I will leave the wind city soon.

Now, Red Sak is to ensure that Bauce knows how the team values ​​his talents. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reveals the red row according to the inferior news, and the defensive coordinator will continue to continue to the 2017 season.

Gais said: “We will be smart. He will not experience the workload of hell in this training camp, we will first find that balance line. This requires communication, now there is a rough idea, if you need to adjust If we will act in time. ”

Jets limit the workload of running Belle in the preseason, training camp
Beijing July 25, the jet ran to Wei Zijun-Bell (veon Bell) Temporarily not worried that it would not be too powerful, because the team will take him.

However, even if Mijuna and the Antonio Allen (Antonio Allen) are lost, the jet is still safe in the corner guard position, and they just hope that the body of Mitana in Mitana has not been scrapped in many years.

The jet took the first round in the 2013 election conference, and many people said it did not understand. Mita has been repeated during the college, and he has received five procedures, including right knee surgery, hernia surgery, right tibia surgery and back shoulders. Miña was only played in 16 games in the past two years, especially in the last season, he has missed 13 games due to the absence of Achilles tendon.

Last year, after using the team label, Bell absent all training and regular season due to dissatisfaction with the contract amount. But Gain is not worried about Bell’s body, and the ability is lowered.

After signing the jet, most of the teams trained Bell did not participate. In the mini training camp held in June, his exercise is also kept at a low level, and it seems that the jet intends to continue this plan.

This renewal did not prevent Balls from pursue a head of coach. We believe that the Bauce will be one of the best-capable coal candidates on the market next year. However, this renewal will make him more choices for our future destination. In addition, if the rickets can go far in the playoffs and other teams don’t want to wait until February, they will give him a guarantee to give him a guarantee & mdash; & mdash; just like we see Seattle last season. As the Hawks made, their assistant coaches were also the popular people in other team new head coaches. According to the Libotport news, this renewal will make Bauce a height of the union’s salaries. Previously, his salary was not commensurate with his performance in this work. Although he may receive other teams to invite the head of the coach, the red bird wants to try and give him a way to stay after this season. The reason for the next. The team did to renew the initiator, so Bauer wants to get fair salary, and the hopping is no longer the only choice.

In June this year, the head coach Bruce-Alianz (Bruce Aria) told the media that coaches should compensate for the loss of players. Bowers have done this and do more. The rickets are therefore give him return.

The flushing group has to suffer more people than any team, including free players to the team, main Daryl Washington banned a season and injuries. However, the Balls’s defensive group continued to fierce and killed the quarter-saving and blocking the opposition of the opponent.

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