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Tigra’s free market to supplement a quadruple

According to the Associated Press, the Cincinnati Tiger team has signed a quad-shunt & mdash; & mdash; Tayler Wilson. Before the signing Wilson, the Tiger team had just lost their one of them, Jason Campbell, the latter injured in the quarter training.

There is a rumor, Jin and Grunetden are not. It is reported that this layoff is a decision made by Grobe, and the purpose is to issue a signal. Originally funded to the team base and some coaches, but he was told himself after the arrival of the base.

With the sign in Cameron, the focus of the near-ended free market moved to Kle, would the Buffalobir team used a high price to match the tag value of the sedama team? Or the Dolphin Team will take him to sign an old way to take the outside, not relying on Mike Wallace, the next time will wait and see.

“I hope to be excited,” Gordon said, “his data is too amazing. I am working with Akler last season. He is a phenomenon-level player. I think Lin Sai is also an excellent, phenomenon level Run Guard. He entered a career bowl, the new show will be a thousand code. We will be a good combination of punch. I am very happy to work with him. “

Wilson is a rookie in the fourth round of the Auckland raid team in 2013, most of the last season he left into the team as a spar. He was just cut off by Tennessee Titan last week, and Wilson’s unemployment period did not exceed one week.

Wilkes were fired in the late December, and only the head coaches in Arizona, led the team to win the team with 3-13 records. Although he rely on excellent defensive performance a year ago, he won the main coach work, but the two ends of the red ramp were not refused in his hand. Although after replacing the offensive coordinator, the Red Tit ushered in short spring, but the good view is not long. The players have publicly support Wilkes, but this is not enough to keep his rice bowl.

The teams who hired a new coach were originally started to start seasons at 4.6, and other teams were on April 20. The teams have also received a command to turn off facilities other than medical rehabilitation.

Gold in 2016 with the Raiders signed a five-year $ 16.5 million contract extension, his salary had reached US $ 2.9 million this year. Only the raid in his rearition is only a kickner than the Colby Wadman.

Brown tries to hire Wilkes to serve as a defensive coordinator

According to Wholesale Nfl Jerseys NETWORK reporter Ian Rapoport, Brown is talking to the original red squat, Steve Wilks, I hope he can be in the new coach Freddy-Base Freddie Kitchens as the defensive coordinator.

In the season of the Leaflets as defensive coordinators, Wilkes allowed the black pantial farm only allows opponents to receive 20.4 points (League 10th less), team record 11-5, enter the outer card. After Wilkes left the team, the black pantherfu allowed 23.9 points (League 19th), and finally the results of 7-9.

Brown’s defensive group is complete, cheap jerseys Myles Garrett and Denzel Ward are waiting to dig potential. Damarious Randall, Larry Ogunjobi, Terrance Mitchell, Joe Schobert and Christian – Christian Kirksey can provide stable output.

Despite the salary space, the raid person lost a leader of the excellent special team, and the gold has always been a top ten players in the past 3 years. Last season, the professional football focused on him ranked the third discard kick.

The decision of the cut gold is unexpected. Last season, I have been selected as a career bowl and I have been selected by the best lineup in 2016. It has proven to be one of the young stars who abandoned the player.

The rookie of the Tiger team, AJ McCarron, due to shoulder injury, absent from most of the quarter quarter, so the Mamadi still needs a quarter-off training in front of the quarter training. The main four-point Wei Di-Dalton is a short stay in the premiere of the tiger game, from the current situation, in the second game of the New York jet in the competition The starting time will be longer.

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