What Exactly is a CSP Bank?

The term, CSP in the banking industry refers to Customer Service Point, which will function as a small bank. It is a bank for convenience, which is a unique type of bank branch. The bank is permitted to provide only a limited range of banking services to the public.

The mini bank will usually be called a CSP Bank, which will carry out restricted transactions as well as sourcing of business. The person offering the services of a bank is known as a Bank Mitra and the concerned individual will work as an envoy or mediator of the Bank and acquire a fixed income regardless of the bank or its branch.

If you would like to open a CSP in your area, first, you need to register as a CSP with an outsourcing agency, such as Bank Mitra BC. You will be called a retailer and you are required to fill in an online application form by downloading it from the official website of the outsourcing agency. You need to submit the filled form to the service provider, together with the necessary KYC Documents.

For example, if you want to open a CSP for the State Bank of India, your filled in application form will be sent to the SBI by the outsourcing agency, which will further undergo confirmation as well as approvals. Once your SBI CSP Apply is validated, you will be notified about the status of your request.

You are also permitted to submit any other documents issued by your state government or the central government to prove your identity.

When it comes to residential proof, it confirms the place where you are living at present. For this, you can submit any of the below-mentioned valid documents, such as:

•    Aadhar Card
•    Electricity Bill
•    Telephone Bill
•    Election Card
•    Ration Card

When you apply for a CSP of the State Bank of India through a trusted and reputed outsourcing agency, such as Bank Mitra BC, which has a strong relationship with SBI, will aid you greatly in getting SBI CSP easily and quickly. Through Kiosk service, the State Bank of India provides the public with online Kiosk banking services at all of its Bank Mitra locations. Some of the essential and limited services include:

•    IMPS
•    Micro ATM’s
•    SBI micro deposit schemes

Actually, CSP in the State Bank of India refers to a Customer Service Point of the bank, appointed by its Business Correspondence or third party agents, such as Bank Mitra BC. The SBI CSP apply will not only change you into a Bank Mitra of the State Bank of India, but it will also aid you greatly in making a civilized income every month.

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