What exactly is Piezowave/Shockwave Therapy?

Piezowave, also referred to as shockwave therapy, is often a myofascial acoustic compression method invented by Richard Wolf, who developed a particular device that uses precisely targeted sound waves to stimulate the musculoskeletal system underneath your skin. This Piezowave device sends a huge number of sound wave pulses into a precisely targeted tissue or muscle, and works in tandem, resulting in stimulation that provides pain relief and leads to enhanced circulation inside the targeted area triggering your body’s personal natural healing processes. Get a lot more information about macsonshealth

Piezowave therapy is actually a non-invasive process with no unwanted effects and numerous individuals have found it to become an efficient alternative to surgery. For maximum advantage, the sound waves are accurately adjusted for each depth and intensity and can enable to heal tissues that lie also deep for standard physical manipulation.

To understand if you’re a perfect candidate for Piezowave or shockwave therapy in Los Angeles, really feel free to contact our group to schedule a consultation! Our skilled Piezowave therapy specialist can help you ascertain if this method is best for you.

Which Conditions Is usually Treated by Piezowave/Shockwave Therapy?
Piezowave/shockwave therapy is used to treat both acute and chronic pain within the muscles and joints. It’s frequently used to relieve painful situations which include plantar fasciitis with heel spurs, tennis elbow, jumper’s knee, and arthritis.

It is especially valuable in the treatment of pain triggered by:

Myofascial dysfunction
Trigger points
Repetitive anxiety injuries
Soft tissue strain

What Takes place Throughout a Piezowave/Shockwave Treatment Session?

The patient relaxes on a doctor’s couch or treatment table within a equivalent position for the one used for massage in the impacted location. The doctor uses gel to make sure the Piezowave device glides smoothly more than the skin above the painful muscle or soft tissue while adjusting the depth and intensity of your sound waves.

Within your initially session, you may experience instant pain relief or some slight soreness as your individual all-natural healing processes are triggered. Because the series of sound wave pulses penetrate your skin, they could result in a dull ache, a signal that the body is responding, which ought to soon fade. A typical treatment session lasts 20-30 minutes. As soon as you’re completed together with your session, you can get back for your regular activities instantly. This signifies there is no downtime, nor pain, swelling, or discomfort.

If you’re experiencing acute or chronic pain inside your muscles, tendons and/or joints, then shockwave therapy may be the right solution for you. Contact our team currently to schedule a consultation with a shockwave therapy specialist in Los Angeles right now!

How Lots of Sessions Does it Take to find out Final results?

Chiropractor and sports medicine specialist Dr. Arash Noor assesses his individuals case by case and tends to make recommendations on the basis with the site in the pain as well as the underlying situation causing it. Every single muscle group or soft tissue region demands a particular depth and intensity of Piezowave therapy, which could possibly be used in combination with other treatment options like physiotherapy.

Dr. Noor normally recommends a series of amongst three to six sessions, scheduled 7-14 days apart, based around the individual.

What Can Shockwave Therapy Treat?

You will discover a wide range of conditions and injuries that shockwave therapy can treat, like but not restricted to:

Tennis elbow/Golfer’s elbow
Knee Pain
Shoulder Pain
Rotator Cuff Injury
Wrist Pain
Sprains and strains
Plantar fasciitis
Ankle pain
Turf toe/sand toe
Track and field injuries
Disc herniations
Neck pain
Hip pain

Is Piezowave/Shockwave Therapy Protected?
Yes, Piezowave therapy is totally secure and you will discover no risks involved. Piezowave therapy can be a much safer option to surgery and injections. For this process, there’s no anesthesia involved and also you can immediately return for your each day activities right after your session, with no downtime, no pain, and no discomfort.

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