What features and extras should my device have?

When operating a washing machine, comfort, safety and, more and more, intelligent washing is important to factor. Although there are many standards, manufacturers are also increasingly focusing on the individual needs of consumers when operating the machine.

Thus, systems are available that can detect the degree of contamination, the amount of laundry or the type of laundry, suggest the right washing programs immediately and automatically dosing detergent and water supply. Of course, this has its price and is not necessarily needed by everyone.

Comfortable operation:

According to Commercial laundry, for most models that were tested, a clear representation of the individual programs in the control element as standard. More and more frequently, well-known manufacturers also offer touchscreen controls.

Top loaders have the great advantage of filling the laundry at the top and thus protecting the back. On the other hand, front loaders also offer an extra-large filling opening or an inclined laundry drum.

For many who put their washing machine in a dark room, a drum interior lighting is also very useful. Other equipment and washing machines Functions that make the device easier to operate are:

Program display:

Still not standard, but very useful: the program display. Here you get a quick overview on a display, which stations of the washing program are still to go through.

Acoustic signal:

Acoustic signals are beneficial because you do not have to constantly walk into the room where the machine is parked to see if the washing program is still running. Therefore, the sound signal on many models will alert you when the wash cycle is finished.

Remaining time display:

If you would like to know when the laundry is expected to be ready, you should make sure that your washing machine is equipped with a remaining time display, because this informs how long the machine still needs.

Start time delay and end time delay:

For busy employees, the start time code is a very interesting feature. It allows certain when the washing machine should start with the program.

This can be useful, for example, when the machine should start while still at work or night while sleeping. Some models also provide an end time preselection that determines when the machine should have finished the wash program. However, if you let your device work without supervision, you should pay attention to sufficient safety precautions like Aqua-Stop.

Intelligent washing:

More and more washing machines manufacturers and consumers are aware of their responsibility towards the environment.

It is striking that models are available that enable intelligent washing. These models, for which you usually have to dig deeper, are equipped with intelligent functions that allow economical use of water, energy, and detergents.

If you want to remove any kind of stains, you can use Commercial laundry service.

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