What Features To Look In EPOS System For Your Restaurant

In a fast-paced and fast-growing restaurant industry, it is to find an epos system that can keep up. Modern epos software has evolved into a tool that streamlines every aspect of the restaurant business, from customer experience to management responsibilities.

As you move through the process of evaluating epos software for takeaway or your restaurant, there are a few significant factors to consider as you compare. Think about how new systems will affect your customers, staff, and profits. Test or demo every solution that shortlists and look for the features that matter most to your team.

Pay your attention to the following seven areas:

  1. Customer Experience

At the end of the day, you should keep your customers satisfied. Having a restaurant epos system in the UK that improves customer experience is essential. Customers appreciate being able to seamlessly split checks, move bar tab, switch tables – and a special reward, having the option to make a payment right from their seat through the waiter’s Pad.

  1. User Experience

Your staff use advanced software in their personal lives. Coming into your restaurant and using poorly designed software can quickly turn into a major reason for dissatisfaction. Epos system that is intuitive, easy to use and navigate, makes for a better user experience. They’ll also have the option to clock in right inside the system, making it easy to come into work and set it up and simultaneously improve payroll automation and accuracy.

  1. Data Access and Control

You can’t be at the restaurant all day, but with an older desktop-based system, you could feel like you must be. That is a particularly annoying issue when you have to make a small schedule or menu update. Instead, choose epos software that can provide you to access your data from any place, on any device. Whether it is a menu update, a schedule conflict, or a payroll issue, choose an epos system in London that will allow you to manage everything in real-time, any place you are.

  1. Security

When security and maintenance are included in your agreement with the software vendor, expensive IT support and manual updates are nonexistent. Modern POS software will include automatic data backups, custom access controls, and data encryption to safeguard against staff negligence and criminal information theft. You will find peace of mind knowing your customer’s credit card numbers are protected and that your PCI compliance responsibilities can also be reduced.

  1. Reporting

Restaurants have a lot of data about transactions and customers. If you want to have the total value of this data, you require a solution with intelligent reporting. Look for epos software that allows you to produce real-time reports and drill down into whichever metrics make a difference to your business. You will have the option to see which products sell best at what times and days and what segments are the most productive. You will also have better insight into your staff performance, your actual labour costs, food costs, and the flow of new customers.

  1. Inventory

It is no surprise – restaurants need to work with thin margins. Look for an epos system that simplifies your inventory management. You should have the option to follow your ingredients and products and keep an eye on where every last bit of it goes without any problem. Not only do you have better insight into what is going on with your inventory, but you can also better communicate when it is the right time to place an order or if it is the time to cut back on reordering specific products.

  1. Speed

At the end of the day, irrespective of what kind of restaurant you are operating, speed of service is of utmost importance. You have a lot of time to boost your opportunity to earn revenue. That means moving through each step of the dining process quickly while offering a seamless experience for customers, wait staff, bar staff, chefs and supervisors. The last thing you need is an epos system slowing that process down.

While choosing a restaurant epos system or a pub epos system, keep these seven points in mind during your assessment process.

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