What Goes Into Making Your Hindu Marriage Invitations Really Extraordinary!

Indian wedding celebrations differ from religion to religion. There are some common threads but the rituals, the customs and the number of days of the celebrations differ with each religion. Hindu weddings are elaborate affairs and it is a two or more than two days affair and it changes according to region and sub sects.

There is a typical wedding season for the Hindus and not all months are preferred for conducting weddings. Some months are considered inauspicious and some are considered auspicious. During the great wedding season there is a rise in economic activity as people do a lot of shopping. It is also an auspicious month for textile and jewellery businesses. Hindu wedding cards are available through physical stores and through online.

Hindu Marriage Invitations: Few Tips To Be Followed!

Any card dealer whether online or through a physical store will have a separate section for each and every community. The section allotted for the Hindu community is quite large as many regions and subsects come under them. Some common features are having images of gods in the cards. Radhe Krishna cards and Ganesha cards are available and these are preferred by all sects. Radhe Krishna is a symbolic representation of eternal love and wedding card is the best place to have their image.

Lord Ganesha can be done in a simple way or in a complicated way. Kindle your curiosity to represent Lord Ganesha or you could replicate one from the available samples. Ganesha can be represented as a simple drawing. Choose the image based on the size of the card and take care with the colour schemes too.

Colours Combinations!

The colours play a great role in bringing out the card well. Hindus have a known preference for some colours and they are maroon, blue, green, yellow and red. These colours are considered auspicious and some sects select only these colours though there are many colours available. White is also preferred as white stands for purity.

Design Matters!

Designs add grace to the card. Every individual desires to get a beautifully crafted card for his loved one. Designs on Hindu wedding cards can be selected from traditional or contemporary ones. The craze for some traditional designs are always seen with every generation as they add timeless elegance to the card. Colourful rangoli designs, traditional motifs, geometric patterns, peacock designs, tree designs, om designs, swastika are just some of the designs mentioned here. The samples section will have a huge collection.

Author Bio: I am Priya Arora working in Bangalore. I was hard-pressed for time and so I approached Parekhcards. com and they customized a beautiful card for me suiting my tastes. I had a fair idea about Hindu marriage invitations and I am very much satisfied with the card.

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