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If Bryant officially announced the season reimbursement, Wholesale nfl Jerseys the hopes of this 30-year-old external hand will reach the water again, and the saints have to find other ways to reinvigify the offensive group, in order to have a bigger hopes for the second super super Bowl.

In the second section of the National Federation, in the process of haha-Clinton-Dix CT attack, Matthew Verus was sentenced to Wilson’s flying collision to the blind side covering foul. “I was thinking about looking for someone to cover, just just the quarter of the opponent. This is part of the game.”

Everything is coming very sudden, just a few days ago, Bryant also said that it is necessary to absent the regular season, and now he has begun to be a super bowl. The facts also prove that the cowboy is preferred for Bryant. They gave him a total value of $ 45 million.

However, on Thursday, when he was asked to keep in touch with Prescot, Dallas Deni Board Jones Jones, Jones, Talk about the performance of Prescot, made the cowboy a bright future, and he felt Preskote signed an excellent helper to achieve satisfactory results.

Rogers, Nelson absence the first day of packaging
After spend three-day holiday, the Green Bay packaging team training this season’s season will start, but in the first day of training, the team offensive group two main force & mdash; & mdash; quartz ilon – Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson have not appeared in the center of Tang-Hudson.

This defensive group is more silent than the scenery of the offensive group that is unlimited. There is no big news during the break, signed the old eagle to Scedrick-Sheron and the raid Ben Sen-Massa. Professional Bowls Wei Xian – Li was moved to the weak side, which appeared more like a fish, and brushed the total number of horses in the entire season. With the deepening season, the denim defensive group has gradually entered the best. Although there is no explosion point, only highlights frequently. This season’s defensive concept is still “grinding”, restricting the opponent outbreak, consumes the opponent, waiting for a mistake, waiting for the opportunity. A group of records of a group of records completed the ranks of the fourth feat of the field, and the leader of the league is the first. Steady improved rush + alliance first anti-run = Dallas denim defensive group.

“I think I saw Daku in the cowboy career, which made me really feel relieved in our future,” Jones said. “We have to do our best”, we are doing this this year, this year is doing this & mdash; & mdash; signed an excellent player for cowboy, with his excellent performance in the four-defense position, such players can really Award the champion or have the opportunity to impact the champion. This is considering our current situation and our idea when we are in Dack’s lead. ”

Both of the first denim attacker of Guolian is very good, almost perfect season is killed by the enemy of New York, the same district. After the first round giant kills the whole four, I lost 1. After the first defeat of the season, the cowboy quickly made adjustments, and put the attack on the ground rush on the ground. This simple and rude adjustment, directly helped to achieve 12 consecutive victories, 14 wins and 2 losses throughout the season. The proportion of passes above 50% of the game is only 4 games: the first week of giants (negative), the 8th week of the eagle (plus time wins), the 10th week of the steel man (never killed), the 14th week of giant (burden). Although the most competitions of the cowboy will win the ball, and finally only need a shock to consume time, but Prescot is always a rookie, and it is necessary to have a comfortable pass environment. I want him to resist the team like a superstar. Leading attack, bear most of the pressure, even reversing the competition, is still insufficient. However, if you continue to take a shock ball as a main attack, the denim seabate will definitely be blocked, so you will inevitably make Prescot to assume more offensive pressure. How far is cowboy, how much it is to see the four-point guard.

Cowboy is now in the running guard, Ezekiel Elliott, an outstanding offensive front line, with Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup in the external hand position, Michael Gallup And this year’s first Way Xi Di-Rum. Such an offensive weapon can make the opponent’s cold.

After the TED Ginn enters the injury reserve list, the Saint External Location is also needed. Cameron Meredith Originally set up airline, but he did not get a chance of catching a ball in the past three games, and was added to the injury reserve after Bryant. Trequin-Smith (quan smith) is another player expected to share the mission of gold. He has started four games in eight games, completed 12 batches, advanced 214 yards, reached 3 times. Austin Carr has completed 5 batches and promoted 62 yards.

2016 Dallas Cowboy Register Review and Play in the Play
When the first quarter of 2016, the first four-point Douney Romo was again injured, Dallas cowboy fans thought of the fear of injured in the 2015 season, and the humiliation of the 4 wins and 12 negative parties, so that all fans are almost It’s desperate again. But fortunate, the new season is not as bad as it last season.

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