Grand Theft Auto 5 is a very beloved and popular game. It has been years since its release, but the sales and fandom have not died down yet. That is why it bothers the players a lot when they still find interface issues and glitches that can easily hack the game. A couple of colossal update sets were declared to be released in 2020 by Rockstar. Later, the company made a statement that this might be the most extensive update for GTA Online. Given the fact that the online version of the game has been around for nearly seven years, this update is some big news. The basis of most of these updates is all the feedback and issues reported by the players, which is why the audience has high hopes from it.

The update may bring about the revamp and necessary alterations the game needs. The GTA Online update will drop within a couple of months from now. Until then, Rockstar may introduce a minor update like the addition of new cars or weapons to keep people calm till the much-awaited update is ready to launch. For the showstopper update, the company says that they intend to make changes as huge as unique locations. The update will not be a long wait because they will surely release it before the holiday edition PS5 and Xbox Series X hit the markets.

Despite the big claims related to the update by Rockstar, the gamers hope that their vision is not limited to only additional content and modes. There have been repeated complaints by players about the bugs and lags in the game for a while now. GTA Online’s user interface is the biggest problem with the game, and a custom curated location will do the players no favors if the experience is disappointing. Every aspect and feature of the game is lethargic and borderline comatose. The unbearably slow reaction time of the game makes it a dreadful experience no matter how hard you try to look past it.

The update should allow smooth toggle between options on the menu, and online multiplayer additions. At present, an innocent attempt at an online multiplayer or a game with online friends leads you to a punishment of loading screens, which ensures that the gamers no longer want to play the game. While we are discussing the multiplayer part of the game, we need to address some of the modes. The multiplayer option has several modes to choose from. While this is wonderful to incorporate in the game, it does not make any difference if they are not accessible to the players. Racetracks like Arena War are hopelessly inaccessible. There is no point in giving these options if nobody ever avails them. It just creates clutter.

Another urgent issue that Rockstar needs to fix is the regular hacking by players. Rockstar is not oblivious to the fact that the gamers are usually pestered and attacked by fellow gamers via hacking. It is a rampant problem, and although Rockstar has taken consistent measures to identify and remove the players who do not follow the game guidelines, it will be convenient for everybody if the update brings in better ways to put a stop at hacking.

The GTA Online update will not be in the market soon, but the summer update is something to look forward to.

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