What Happens During Toronto Computer Recycling

Have you ever thought about what happens to a computer during its recycling process? Throwing away your old laptop or computer in the bin can reduce clutter in your house, but it can be extremely problematic due to a number of issues, like taking space in the landfills, posing risk of data breach, etc. But this doesn’t mean you will be stuck with your old junk for lifetime. The magic of Toronto computer recycling can make something of value out of it and give it a second life.

You must be aware of the fact that computer recycling is one of the most responsible ways of disposing of your obsolete computer, but what you may not know is the process of its working and how its materials are used. Here is a brief explanation.

Processing of Components

Nearly each and every part of your old computer system can be put to recycling, including the metals, glass, plastic, and components of the circuit board which contains copper, silver and even gold. These components are added to the computer because they are good conductors of electricity and can support your system even during a short supply. During the Toronto computer recycling process, all these components are extracted, refined, processed, and used in new applications wherever relevant.

Extraction of Gold from Microprocessors

First, the recyclers take off the outer casing of the computer, unplug the cables, and remove the microprocessors. Microprocessors are tiny in size, but they contain very small amount of gold that can be of value when extracted from many computers. The recyclers use a mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid to separate ceramics from the gold. The pure gold dust that they get with this process is melted and converted into a gold bullion.

Recycling of Other Computer Components

There are certain other components in the computer that have a harder recycling process. They contain a mixture of metals that have to be extracted separately. The recyclers strip down all the metal components and put them into furnace. Then they melt them into a liquid mixture of silver, copper and gold, which they pour out, cool down, press, and slice to make plates. Then they place each plate into a bath and give it positive charge. Then they expose the copper plate with negative charge to attract copper particles. These particles are thus separated from the mixed plate of metals, after which only gold and silver are left behind.

Battery Recycling

Laptops and some computers contain batteries that need to be sent to a separate battery recycling Toronto center for recycling. Since battery contains lead and other harmful components that cannot be left in the landfills at any cost, they have to be recycled and disposed with great care.

Monitor and Screen Recycling

Recycling of your computer monitor or screen is handled by an LCD LED TV disposal Toronto service center. They separate the harmful components in your screen and put any useful parts to good use.

COM2 Recycling Solutions will provide you peace of mind while disposing old computer and electronic waste responsibly and safely. Get in touch with them and rest assured that your computer will be put to good use without harming the environment.

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