What Home Loan Documents Should You Submit?

We dream of becoming homeowners at a particular stage while fulfilling the aspiration of leading a secure life. You need some savings to buy a home and some financial planning to make your purchase easier. You can easily avail of a Home Loan at banks and lending institutions to save money for future requirements.

However, with the rise in borrowers each day, it is common to see multiple offers online. Remember that the eligibility and Home Loan documents vary between lenders. If you are a salaried or self-employed professional, you are eligible to apply. You must be between 24 and 65 years old with a CIBIL score of at least 750 and above.


After checking the eligibility, prepare the documentation, including age, photo ID, address proofs, employment details, income proofs, current Loan details, and a processing fee cheque. The requirements may vary between banks.

Age Proof

Submit documents like your PAN Card, passport, birth certificate, driving license, and school leaving certificate for age proof.

Photo Identity Proof

The photo identity proof includes PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhaar Card, driving license, and passport.

Address Proof

Some standard documents required for Home Loan include bank statements, property tax receipts, Voter ID, utility bills, and property registration documents as address proof.

Employment Details

You need to submit some employment details as a salaried individual, such as a duly filled application form, an appointment letter, Form 16, salary slips of the previous three months, and an annual increment letter. The documents are the same for self-employed professionals but must include the latest IT return slips, profit and loss statements, and last six months’ bank statements.

How to Apply for It?

Initially, you struggled to get the best Loan offer by physically visiting banks, collecting their prospectus, and comparing them at home. It involved lots of time, effort, and paperwork. Since technology has taken over most processes, banks and financial institutions offer all their products on websites and apps.

You need to log on to the lender’s website or download the app, check the eligibility criteria, Home Loan documents required, fees, and the type of borrowing. Besides, you can also use interest and eligibility calculators to compare schemes, affordability, and eligibility status. They are free to use 24×7 and enable endless changes in values.


Also, consider adding a co-applicant such as an immediate family member to increase the maximum amount you are eligible to borrow and your creditworthiness. Banks take about three to four weeks to sanction and disburse the amount after submitting the correct documents.

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