What Industries Use Electronic Point of Sale Systems?

Electronic point of sale refers to any professional environment in which a customer buys an item or service, and the retailer gets paid. Very often, the customer will get a receipt upon the completion of the transaction. E POS system permeates the world in different businesses, some more subtle than others. If you have your own business, you have likely used this phenomenon. Other professional environments and industries that use epos software include businesses such as:


At a point of sale, your mind probably jumps to retail first. Many industries classify retail as those that sell:

  • Garments
  • Shoes
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Books
  • Electronics
  • Pet supplies
  • Beauty
  • Home goods
  • Tools
  • Alcohol

Retail presents a clear illustration of a point of sale in real life. These retail businesses can take the advantage of POS software that offers cost management, margin measurements, and ads to attract new business and keep a comprehensive watch on all inventory.


Any restaurant where you dine, a bar where you drink and an inn where you stay are considered an example of an epos system for hospitality. A few more businesses include:

  • Travel services
  • Airline stewards
  • Drivers and escorts
  • Valets
  • Housekeeping
  • Wedding services
  • Coffee shops
  • Bakeries

Cafes, for example, can use POS software to store transactions, track customers, and target those customers for rewards.

Customer Services

This sector refers to any service that you get rather than a good. For instance, if you go out to get your hair and nails or get your car washed is considered to be customer service. Other categories include activities such as receiving a massage or a haircut or visiting a spa. These services can use POS systems to manage stock, save money through spending reports, and cut back on the time that a shopper needs to wait for their service.

Multi-Service Businesses

These organizations offer as the name recommends, different services, including health, nutrition, and entertainment. You most likely have thought about it but your own medical uses a multi-service point of sale system. Other multi-service businesses include theatres or hotels being named multi-service businesses. You may consider a stadium, venue, or arena as a multi-service business. The database can house product information, spending reports, and the number of customers coming through for an event. If you are using charity epos systems, you are offering some service without any profits.

Regardless of what type of industry you may work in, epos companies in the UK offer a POS system for daily usage. The system fuels the company and businesses, allowing them to procure businesses that promote longevity. In return, the customer receives a quality that this customer feels inclined or obligated to engage in repeat business.

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