What Is a Business Loan Calculator?

EMIs are the equated monthly installments paid as part of the Loan repayment process. It has two features, the principal and interest. The principle gets deducted from the Loan amount borrowed from the bank. Repay the interests as part of the cost imposed on the entire amount or the reduced or unpaid principal balance.

The Business Loan calculator is an online tool that assists in calculating the necessary monthly payment to repay the borrowed amount. EMI refers to the Loan provider’s monthly payments constituting the principal amount borrowed and the interest accumulated. Interest gets calculated at the rate given during disbursal. Using the Business EMI calculator, you can plan your payments effectively, manage other debts, and repay the amount.


Before a Business Loan apply, make several considerations to ensure it meets your financial needs. Although numerous banks provide them at reasonable interest rates, it is necessary to examine several options and make an informed selection. You do not require the help of a mathematics genius to figure out the instalment amount. Enter the following parameters on the tool:

Principal Amount

It is the sum of money acquired that you must repay to the bank.

Loan duration

It refers to the period you must repay the Loan amount and interest.

Applicable Interest Rate

The applicable interest is the agreed rate by the borrower and lender to charge interest on the principal amount.


According to the agreed-upon amortisation plan, the equated monthly installment is the payback amount you must pay the lender. It consists of the principal and interest amount.

Calculating EMIs

As per the formula, E= P x r x (1+r)n / (1+r) n-1, where E is the EMI amount, P is the principal amount, R is the interest rate, and N is the monthly tenure of the Loan borrowed. Due to the effort involved in manual EMI calculations, companies have developed the Business Loan calculator, where you enter your amount, tenure, and interest rate.

The tool displays your EMI and the total interest due. Skip the tedious work while completing your application form and organizing documents.


The EMI calculator saves time and effort. Earlier, you struggled to calculate your monthly payments on paper. Now, you can enter some details on the online calculator. Since you need to make wise financial decisions, the tool makes it easier to repay the amount on time without compromising on needs. It displays results in visual formats, such as pie charts and diagrams. They are easier to understand than text.

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