What is a Cricut Maker Machine and How to Set It Up?

Cricut Maker machine gives freedom to the crafter to create anything covering from the lightest to the thickest material. With the help of its tools and accessories, this model extends itself as craftsmen learn about new crafts. Moreover, this model can cut at least 300+ materials (more than any other cutting machine). This model can cut, write, score, foil, and many more.

The user will also come across in-built Bluetooth & USB cable connectivity features. It becomes quite easy for the DIYers to create 3D projects, including models, decor, and more. Moreover, this Cricut machine helps the quilters cut out applique and quilt pieces.

With this blog’s help, you will learn about the Maker machine and some of the other important concepts.

What Supplies are Included in Cricut Maker Box?

This smart cutting machinecomes with all those items required during the setup & crafting process. Each of the suppliers gives their complete contribution while creating the custom project. The items that the user will come across while unwrapping the box are:

  • Cricut Maker machine
  • Rotary Blade+ Drive Housing
  • Premium Fine-Point Blade+Blade Housing (pre-installed in Clamp B)
  • Pen & Accessory Adapter (pre-installed in Clamp A)
  • FabricGrip Mat & LightGrip Mat (both in 12” x 12” size)
  • Welcome Book
  • Quick Start Guide
  • USB Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Materials for a test cut

Note: All the DIYers are informed that the Knife blade, Quickswap tools & other accessories will be sold individually.

How to Setup Cricut Maker Machine With Windows?

Before beginning the cutting process, all the DIYers need to setup their Maker model with a Windows PC. To do so, they need to follow the steps given in the pointers below:

  1. First, plug in the machine & switch it on.
  2. Next, take your Cricut Maker machine and connect it to a USB cable. However, you can also pair it up via Bluetooth.
  3. Now, you need to open a web browser and go to the Cricut app setup page.
  4. Afterward, download and install Design Space for Desktop.
  5. Further, sign in or create your Cricut ID by following the steps on-screen.
  6. At last, you will know that the setup has ended when you are called for a test cut.

How to Pair Cricut Maker Machine With Windows? (Wirelessly)

After setting up the Cricut Maker, the DIYer can complete the cutting process by pairing it up. Follow the steps to learn about the wireless pairing process with Windows:

  1. Start the pairing process by ensuring the Maker machine is switched on and within 10-15 ft of your PC.
  2. To determine whether your PC is Bluetooth enabled, go to the Start button and choose Device Manager.

  1. If Bluetooth is listed, then it means that your PC is Bluetooth enabled.

  1. After that, close Device Manager and open the Start menu.
  2. At the menu, tick Settings and choose the Devices option.

  1. Followed by this, check whether your PC Bluetooth is enabled or not.
  2. If it isn’t enabled, move the toggle and click the Add Bluetooth or other device.

  1. From the Add a Device window, choose Bluetooth and wait till your PC detects the Cricut machine.
  2. In addition, select your Cricut Maker machine from the list to connect to the next page.

  1. Finally, enter the PIN (0000) and then tick Connect box.

  1. Congrats! Your Cricut Maker has been wirelessly paired up with a PC.

At this point, the crafter will be capable enough to start designing and creating the custom as per their choice.


Question: Is It Compulsory to Connect the Maker Machine to the Internet?

Answer: No, connecting the Cricut Maker machine to the internet isn’t compulsory. If you have got the Design Space app installed on your PC & smartphone, the user can still design and send the project to the Maker machine. Although to enjoy some of the offered benefits, the user must have internet connectivity. The benefits include content sync along with uploading images. However, the Offline feature hasn’t been launched for Android users.

Question: Which Projects Can Be Created Out of a Maker Machine?

Answer: With the help of Cricut Maker, along with its tools and accessories, the crafter gets the golden chance to create unlimited projects. The names of the custom projects that can be created out of this cutting machine are as follows:

  • Wood Monogram Letter & Felt Flower
  • Crepe Paper Flower Wreath
  • Chipboard Bird Box
  • Felt Stocking
  • Foil Gift Card Envelopes
  • Custom Water Bottles
  • Watercolor Picture Frames

Question: How Can I Update Cricut Maker Firmware on Android Devices?

Answer: Read this section to know about the steps needed to be taken while updating the Cricut Maker machine firmware:

  1. First, you must ensure that the machine is powered on and paired with your Android mobile devices.
  2. You will then receive an update notification during the new machine setup or project-cutting process.
  3. Tick the Update Firmware button, and the update process will get started.
  4. Once the update gets complete, your machine will automatically turn off and switch on instantly.
  5. Press the Continue button to return to the new machine setup or resume the cutting project.

Visit: Cricut.com/setup
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