What Is a Criminal Record, and What Are the Consequences of Having a Criminal Record?


Having a criminal record can impact your life in many ways. Even if you’re not found guilty, you’ll be affected greatly as the criminal charges won’t be emitted from your record. In some cases, a criminal record might be deleted after several years based on the crime you’ve been charged with. However, it’s important to minimise your exposure to criminal prosecution not only to protect yourself but also from the impacts of a criminal record. A lawyer in Parramatta can help remove your criminal record and make sure your rights are protected.

What Is a Criminal Record?

It is a police record that consists of a list of criminals’ past and current convictions. The police record may also include non-convictions like withdrawn charges, discharges, and acquittals, court records, and other pieces of criminal charges records. While not all dealings with the police can result in a criminal record, if you’re charged with a serious criminal offence, it is considered to be a type of criminal record. Hence, even though a non-conviction isn’t technically deemed as a crime, it can still be part of the state police record and might show up on a criminal record.

A criminal conviction always results in a criminal record. However, the details displayed on a criminal record depends on the level of the check conducted by police and their policies regarding whether to disclose the entire information.

If you’ve ever been charged with a criminal offence, you’ll have a criminal record that will appear on police record searches. Even if you’re found not guilty, or your charges were withdrawn or dismissed, a court record of your trial will show in the local police criminal records.

Once a criminal case exists, it’s necessary to take proper steps to have the record removed with the help of criminal lawyers in Parramatta.

How Can a Criminal Record Impact Your Life?

Even minor criminal offences on your record could greatly affect your life in many ways, including:-

• Guilt and Shame – Defensive reactions to feelings of shame and guilt can make you blame others for problems. Moreover, a guilt trip will haunt you forever.

• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – Imprisonment and penalties can result in post-traumatic stress disorder. You might experience difficulty sleeping, unexpected outbursts of anger, nightmares, emotional numbness, and overwhelming feelings of guilt.

• Unemployment – Criminal records can make it more challenging and difficult to find employment as most employers conduct a criminal background check.

• Emotional Distancing – Behaviours developed during imprisonment can lead to an inability to socialise with people around you.

• Social Reputation – Your reputation will be damaged entirely as discrimination against those charged with crimes is widespread even if not convicted.

• Divorce – Your partner might divorce you for convicting a crime.

• Child Custody – Criminal charges and convictions can limit your child custody rights.

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