What Is A Cross Pendant Necklace?

Necklaces hold a special place in a woman’s heart. They enhance the beauty of a lady and allow her to shine and express. The cross pendant necklace, however, comes in many forms available for men and women just the same.

Beautifully carved crosses to awaken the religious spirit in each other is all you need this wedding season. Go simple with a thin chain holding the bold yet subtle pendant, or accessorize it with other pendants in a multi-chain necklace.

The cross necklace is made in gold, silver or even studded with diamonds to give it a brilliant look. Some vibrant examples include:

Silver link cross necklace

This is a simple, thick chain in links with a plain but attractive silver cross. It enhances the crucifix and gives out positive vibes as it is pleasant to the eye.

Golden enhanced cross necklace

The gold necklace with a cross comes in many forms. The most popular ones being the crucifix with a beautiful, intricate statue of Jesus and one with a subtly carved cross.

East-west cross necklace

This is the sideways cross that is linked to the chain on either end. These further come in different forms, either resting horizontally below the neck or vertically to the side of the neck. Either way, it emanates a calm aura around it found in silver, gold and diamond studded forms.

The Victorian vintage cross

The cross comes in different renditions, some with a Victorian era, some with a vintage finesse.

To infinity and beyond cross

Crosses that are woven into the symbol of infinity, give a beautiful thought of belongingness among loved ones. They provide a promise and a safe place for both men and women as they wear it around their neck.

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