What Is a Full-Body Massage?

A full body massage in St. Petersburg, FL usually lasts at least 50 minutes and covers all major

parts of the body such as the back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hands, and neck.

assisted stretching St Petersburg FL

assisted stretching St Petersburg FL

What you should expect from a full body massage in St. Petersburg, FL


At the beginning of the session, the client undresses and lies down on the table. Then the massage therapist usually begins by rubbing the client’s back, shoulders, back, and legs until they turn over in the middle of the session. At this point, the massage therapist will massage the front of the legs and feet, then move up to the arms chest, and neck. If you have some areas that have issues then the therapist usually focuses more time on those areas. This means that other body parts might be neglected but it is worth it if you are focused on fixing a bigger problem.


Different types of full body massage in St. Petersburg, FL


There are many types of treatments at the spa such as deep tissue massage that focuses on tight muscles while also breaking up muscle knots. There is also Swedish massage which is more focused on warming the muscles with a soft flow of strokes and relaxing techniques. Shiatsu uses the therapist’s feet, where the therapist stands on the client using their weight to put pressure on the needed areas of tension.



Past history of full body massage


The past history of a full-body massage is interesting because it was actually invented in the 1880s as a Rest Cure for neurasthenia patients. The invention of full-body massage helped patients increase their appetite.


Massage therapy and massage therapists became popular in the late 1800s, but by the 1960s the terms “massage parlor” and “massage therapist” had become offensive because they were associated with prostitution.


Full Body Massage Do’s and Don’s


A full body massage in St. Petersburg, FL at Body Therapy Spa does not involve sex, unlike

Some massage parlors.


A Full body massage may be offered in spas to provide acceptable services. Usually, these legitimate spas have signs that you can read that say full body massage or Deep tissue massage. Don’t expect “happy endings” when you ask for a full body massage at a legitimate and reputable spa like Body Therapy Spa located at 1990 Central Ave. St. Petersburg Florida.


If you are looking for a deep tissue massage mixed with assisted stretching or deep tissue sports massage you can book on our website www.BodyTherapySpa.com or call 424-262-1327.

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