What is a Geekbar Disposable Device Pod? How Does It Work?

If you enjoy the best experience in tasting vape juices and wish to attain the most sensational salt nicotine, you need to invest in the amazing Geekbar Disposable Device Pod Kit by Geekvape.

These vape kits are handy and pocket-sized disposable alternatives that help you to get the best vape experience. It also makes for an amazing gift for a vape lover or those who wish to initiate into the vape experience.

Why choose the Geekbar Disposable Device Pod Kit?

Each Geekbar Disposable Device Pod Kit comes with prefilled 2ml vape juice with a salt nicotine content of 20 mg. It offers a smooth inhale with a satisfying hit that appeals to all types of vaping enthusiasts.

The premium offering has something for each vape lover. Geekvape offers an amazing variety of flavours and exotic tastes that any other vape developer rarely matches. One can enjoy exotic passion fruit Geek bars, Tobacco Geek bars, etc., and refine their vape experience.

For methanol lovers, the brand offers an amazing experience in the form of disposable yet tongue-tingling methanol-infused vape juices like Lychee Ice or Blueberry Ice.

Another great device is the ElUX BAR Disposable pod in the UK that is a forerunner in the segment and offers an excellent choice of a fantastic experience, flavour, and offerings at an affordable price tag. The high quality and excellent performance are matched by an equally viable 550 mAh battery that delivers 600 puffs. The product is also filled with 2 percent nicotine salt-based e-liquid that allows for a smooth and mouth-watering taste with every draw. However, these products cannot be reused once the juice dries out.

How Does It Work?

The product has an inbuilt 350 mAh battery that cannot be recharged. The brand has given sufficient juice to ensure that you get the best vaping experience before the battery runs out. As per an estimate, the same can achieve 400 puffs per bar that can last up to an entire day.

Since the product is a disposable device, the battery cannot be charged up or refilled. The same has 2 ml of 20 mg nicotine salt content inside the e-liquid (pre-installed in the device).

The special airflow inlet at the base of the device ensures adequate operation, especially when you accidentally cut off the device’s airflow with your hand during vaping. The product works using a special sensor that fires up the system immediately when you inhale or draw.

In case the device runs out of e-liquid, the same will not fire up. It is another safety aspect that helps to avoid a dry hit when vaping. As a result, you are saved from experiencing a disgusting burnt taste, especially when the device heats the coils.

Overall, the same is an amazing kit that is an ideal gift for a loved one or deciding to quit smoking. The product gives a smooth draw and mimics the sensation of smoking. The nicotine strength also helps to satisfy the nicotine cravings, and you need a few puffs each day to say goodbye to your smoking habit.


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