Hookah’ from the Urdu word, huqqa, that means pot or jar.

Hookahs were a part of the celebration for masses of years. This famous social exercise has its roots in medieval India and nowadays has entrenched withinside the Middle Eastern tradition, and nowadays is turning into rather famous withinside the American tradition.

Historians credit score Indian doctor, Hakim Abdul Fateh for the primary recorded use of hookah. His concept become to purify smoke with the aid of using passing it thru water. This concept arose with the motive of lowering the fitness dangers of smoking tobacco.

The exercise stuck on fast throughout India, the Ottoman Empire, the Persian Empire and components of northern Africa. The first hookahs have been made from timber and coconut shells, however they quickly took on extra ornamental and technical forms.

Thanks to their wonderful designs and precise capacity to be shared with the aid of using numerous humans at once. Due to their complexity and versatility Mya hookahs are perfect, and may be changed for any social gathering.

Each tradition brought a twist to the Indian culture. Nargileh, sheesha, and later, hubbly bubbly, have been brought to the developing listing of names for the famous smoking devices. The stems grew as much as 7” tall, engraved with sensitive patterns. Inventive tobacco manufacturers might conjure up tastes from watermelon to mint chocolate.

Today, the hookah can be much less seen at kingdom features however it nevertheless has large strength to convey humans together. More and extra humans are coming across the time-venerated joys of sharing a flavorsome hookah with own circle of relatives or friends, after a meal or in the course of a night time out of tune and dancing.

MYA has performed a key position withinside the evolution of the hookah when you consider that 1863, pushing the bounds of layout and artistry. Our hookahs are expertly crafted for optimum smoking and aesthetic pleasure. We’re proud to be supporting to unfold the entertainment of this culture to humans across the world.


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