What is a no deposit bonus in an online casino for players from New Zealand?

No deposit bonuses are a favorite reward for a user in a gambling establishment. Visitors from New Zealand online casinos really like to receive pleasant gifts from time to time, which can later be spent on real bets in slots without any investments on their part.
However, only novice users evaluate such gifts. Experienced gamblers perfectly remember the saying about “free cheese” and are well aware that such a bonus must be won back. And it is far from a fact that the wagering conditions will be feasible.

The main types of no deposit bonuses for players from New Zealand are as follows:

Free spins (free spins)

The concept of no deposit casino bonuses NZ is well known to everyone who prefers to play slots – there are bonus games inside the games of a huge number of developers, in which free spins are the reward. They are issued in any number – from 10 to 30 on average.

You can spend such a gift only in the same slot in which the bonus game fell out. But if the free spins are provided as a bonus directly by the gambling establishment, it is it that determines in which slot machine you will be able to scroll your gift.

Spins are provided for various actions:

  • registration on the website;
  • installing the online casino mobile application;
  • participation in the promotion;
  • as a gift for a birthday or holiday;
  • for the transition between levels in the bonus program, etc.

Cash loan for the game

Poker Chips on a gaming table with dramatic lighting

Poker Chips on a gaming table with dramatic lighting

Such gifts are usually credited to the bonus account. The online casino independently prescribes how you can use the gift. For example, you can spend it in slot machines with a bet of at least a certain amount (or no more). Spend it in card games. Buy a lottery ticket.

The casino will also indicate for what period the gift will be valid. Just remember that you will not be able to withdraw such money from your account until you fulfill all the conditions attached to the bonus.

It should be understood that a no deposit bonus is not exactly a gift. The casino uses such offers to attract players from New Zealand, to motivate them to play for their own funds in the future.

This is a kind of advertising tool that attracts a large number of players. But just like that, the institution will not give away the money or rotation issued for free. You will definitely have to “win back” it. Otherwise, the bonus will simply be canceled upon expiration.

More detailed information about bonuses:

Slot machines with a no deposit bonus for players from New Zealand

There are no separate slot machines in New Zealand, for playing which some bonuses are awarded, there is no such thing. Most often, a gambling establishment gives gifts in the form of free spins for some actions on the site-registration, active play, as a cashback, a birthday gift or a victory in a tournament.

When you receive free spins, you are informed:

how many spins can you spin without paying;

what is the equivalent of each spin (what is the bet amount corresponding to it);

what period of free spins will be valid (there are gifts that are not limited in time, and those that need to be used and played within a day, 2-3 days, a week or a month – this is an individual rule);

on which slot machine the spins can be used.

Free spins are not formally provided “for all games”. You will be able to see them only when you open the slot specified in the conditions.


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