What is a root canal?

One of the most required treatments in the world of dentistry is dental root canals. These are very diverse treatments that are given when it is necessary to rebuild a tooth due to a deep cavity. If you want to know more about endodontics and its prices, we recommend that you continue reading this article.

What is a root canal?

Endodontics, or in many cases also called root canal treatment, is one of the most common procedures in a dental office. This is carried out when the patient has a cavity that has not been treated in time. In those cases, it gets deeper and deeper and therefore destroys the tooth. To treat it, it is necessary to perform an endodontic procedure and not the classic filling. Precisely because it is something that is done frequently, many factors can influence the final price.

What determines the price of endodontics?

Each patient must be treated in a particular way. This means that the prices are in general terms and therefore there may be some variations. A root canal treatment is not an expensive treatment in itself. Its price can vary fundamentally by the type of tooth to be treated, among other factors. Let’s see all this in detail:

Number of canals and tooth type

It is, without a doubt, the biggest factor in determining the price. The type of tooth can be an incisor, canine, premolar, or molar. At the same time, this tooth can also have a specific number of roots.

These roots can be up to three and their canals up to five. The more canals that tooth has, the higher the price of endodontics.

This happens because the procedure, when you have more canals, is much more complex and the dental professional needs to spend more time working.

Endodontic type

Root canals are divided into different categories:

  • Uniradicular endodontics: it is done in teeth that have a single root and a single canal, that is why it is the most economical.
  • Bi- root canal: it is done in pieces that have two roots and two canals. These are usually the premolars.
  • Multiradicular Endodontics: here the tooth has more than two roots and more than two canals. It is the most complex and the most expensive of all.

Damages suffered

If the damage is not very deep, root canal and reconstruction will be easier to do. But if the damage is very great, in some cases it will be necessary to add a fiberglass bolt to give it more stability. At the end is when the crown or the cover of choice is placed.

Technology during the procedure

Another factor that influences the price of endodontics is the technology used. When innovative technology is used, the procedure times are shortened at some point.

It also allows for greater precision and efficacy in the treatment and as a consequence, there is not as much trauma in the area.

Professional experience

It is essential that whoever is going to carry out this type of treatment has a lot of experience and skill. Ideally, you should be a dentist who specializes in endodontics.

This will also influence the final price but as in any type of dental care, it is better not to skimp and choose the best professionals.

A tooth that has been treated with root canals could last a lifetime if the treatment is done correctly and there have been no complications.

Endodontic teeth should receive the same care as any other dental piece, that is, the same hygiene care, dental exams, among others, as these pieces can also be attacked by cavities in the future.

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