What Is a Small Business Insurance

As health and vehicle insurance, small business insurance is not popular. However, when something unexpected happens, business insurance will make a difference between your business’s continuity or failure. Unfortunately, not many small businesses have purchased SME insurance. Most of the owners do not buy business insurance even after operating for at least a year. By insuring your company’s equipment, area and assets with the right type of insurance you can protect it against damage and legal claims.


Though the process is tiresome and lengthy, every small business should opt for the right business insurance plan. Every business will require a customized policy based on the company size, location, industry. Therefore the choices can be overwhelming especially if you have just started your business.

This guide aims to help you understand your right type of insurance policy by explaining the different types of insurance policies small businesses can choose from.

Public liability insurance

Every business should get public liability insurance. It protects you and your employees from any bodily injury or property damage to the third party caused due to the use of your products and services. For example, it protects your customer if he/she slips on the wet floor of your shop and gets injured or an employee damages your customer’s appliance while repairing it.

Public liability insurance covers the compensation as well as defence costs. Without the right level of cover, a potential lawsuit might cost you thousands of dollars. This could be enough to put your small business out of business.

Professional indemnity insurance

If your business includes providing advice or service, then professional indemnity insurance is a must-have. It protects your company and professionals against damages and legal costs associated with securing yourself against damages arising from an omission, act or breach of services during your work.

Business interruption insurance

Have you ever imagined how your business will survive if it suddenly comes to a halt due to unforeseen situations? Any emergency like fire, theft, or natural calamity can do considerable damage to your business income. A business interruption insurance under the business insurance provides funds for loss of income or increase in expenses to continue running your business. It protects you from interruption caused in the functioning of the business by material damage events.

Cyber liability insurance

If you have a website or store your valuable customer information on computers, you should think of buying cyber liability insurance. It protects your business from any cyber attack. Whether your website is hacked or your sensitive information is stolen, a cycle liability insurance will cover the costs of repairing the damage as well as legal costs arising from a lawsuit. Small businesses should consider buying cyber security insurance as a data breach will not only cause physical losses but also tarnish the company reputation

Management liability insurance

This type of insurance protects the company and its people who manage the company such as the company director, CEO, senior manager, etc. against the risks of running the business. It also protects the business from acts of dishonesty such as theft and fraud by the employees.


Irrespective of any business plan that you choose, make sure to do your homework before finalizing one. The best way to do this is by using a comparison site like SME Insure where you can compare the coverage offered by various companies along with their premium. Eventually, the right business insurance policy will prove to be a catalyst for your business success.

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