What is a Smart Air Conditioner Controller, and what are its Features?

A smart Ac controller is a device that acts as the brain for your air conditioner. With the help of infrared technology, it creates a connection with your air conditioner and enables you to add smart controls to it. These connect with your existing smart home technologies and devices to upgrade your old appliances without purchasing new air conditioning units.

It will work with any Ac units that work remotely, such as window units, portable ac and mini-splits. A smart ac controller impersonates the infrared signal from the AC’s remote with the help of your Wi-Fi network and connects with your phone’s app. The final result is that you can control your ac using the mobile app at your convenience.

You must be wondering what a big deal the air conditioner remote is? But that’s not true; an ac remote has numerous features that can make your air conditioner easier to use and more efficient for years. Let’s find out the parts that an Ac controller has.


  • Wi-Fi connectivity 

With this feature, you can connect your Ac controller with your Wi-Fi and operate from your phone. So basically, you will have your Ac controller in your pocket and can use it anytime you want. With just a finger swipe, you can operate your Ac. If you need any repair or installation, go for Commercial Heating Repair in Melbourne.


  • Extreme temperature readiness

When it is extremely cold outside, with the help of the controller, you can turn on your AC to warm up as fast as you can. Evaporative Cooling Installation Melbourne and the high power button on your carrier Ac remote are for this situation.


  • Sleep mode 

In the middle of the night in summer or winter, to have a peaceful sleep, sometimes you might want to leave your air conditioner on overnight; just jump onto the bed and turn on the eco sleep button on your smart ac controller. This amazing feature will regulate the air temperature around. It helps in managing the Gas Ducted Heating Melbourne.


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The average air conditioner has a thermostat inside it, which helps measure the room temperature of your room. Smart Zoning Installations and Service Melbourne is the best way to measure your room temperature with the help of a special sensor.

There are many other features, and there are some additional installations such as Hot Water System Repair and Installation Melbourneyou can contact Hitech Air Solution as they provide various installation services.

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