What is a smart lock

For quite some time now we have been talking about the importance of security in our homes, and not about conventional locks, but about a new innovation that helps us to have a kind of armored door thanks to its excellent remote control service and greater functionality by not needing keys. What are we talking about? Well, clearly the incredible Smart locks.

Innovation is becoming more and more vital for all of us, so if you are thinking of innovating your home the best thing you can do is to invest in this new proposal that promises to keep you and your family safe. And the whole installation is not very difficult to do, any professional locksmith can install one and explain how it works.

What are smart locks

Like any traditional lock, the intent of smart locks is to keep access closed to anyone who doesn’t have keys or in this case, the right device to enter the premises or any room. What makes smart locks so interesting and functional is that they adapt to any type of home through their wide variety of options on the market.

You can use a remote control, you can program it to open by fingerprint, by voice, by a special key on a mini screen, there are a lot of ideas to explore that can make your job easier.

Are electronic locks secure?

We know that the fact that something is handled through technology may seem a little insecure or non-functional to burglars, but despite this, you might be surprised to know that most electronic locks have more functionality than a traditional lock. Especially since they are not made of weak materials that can be easily broken, and there is no possibility of opening without a special key. In case of power failure, the door will remain closed and only the person who has the emergency “Clave” or “key” will be able to open and close the door until power is restored. The latter must be given and explained by the locksmith who installs the lock, so you should make sure it is a quality and specialized one.

Advantages and benefits of smart locks

Like all advances in technology, there are a number of advantages to rethink the replacement of ordinary and conventional locks by other intelligent and electronic ones. Among them we can find:

Smart locks can be programmed

There is not just one option to abide by, there are a number of possibilities you can opt for to make your life much easier. And they can be linked to other types of security devices in order to make your home much more secure.

Opening hours management

In the case of offices for example, it is possible to program an opening and entrance schedule. This makes sense, as it is possible to keep the night entrance closed to any user other than the owner or main installer.

There is no possibility to pick the lock

Since there is no lock at all, they can’t do bumping or any other dirty tricks to break the lock. And breaking the control panel will not make you open the door, besides it is not that easy to break, only a trained locksmith can open your door without a key.

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