What is a Transponder Key and How Does it Work?

Because car thieves specifically targeted Corvettes, General Motors introduced the transponder key for its 1985 Corvette.  As a result, thefts dramatically decreased.  In 1995, other car manufacturers began introducing the device.  Today, most all new cars utilize transponder keys.

What is a Transponder Key?

Transponder is a portmanteau word, which blends of two or more words to create a new one with a different meaning.  In this case, transponder blends “transmitter” and “responder.”   Some call the transponder key a “chip key.”

How Does the Transponder Key Work?

Transponder keys employ a radio frequency identification (RFID) microchip to prevent thieves from hot-wiring automobiles.  The microchip, which is in the device’s plastic head, uses a distinct serial number that sends a signal to the engine’s immobilizers.  If the car recognizes the signal, it will start.  If not, the car remains locked and immobilized.

This technology makes a car nearly impossible to steal.

Transponder Key Problems

There are essentially two transponder key problems:

1.    Transponder Key Not Working:   Dead batteries are the most common reason transponder keys stop working.  Microchips can occasionally fail, become damaged, or stop working.   Once in a while, something interferes with the microchip signal, such as satellite tower radio waves; or, plane or other transponder key signals.

2.    Lost Transponder Key:  more than 20% of Americans lose their keys weekly.

How to Solve Transponder Key Problems

A skilled locksmith can repair, reprogram, and replace a transponder key whenever you need, even on an emergency basis.

The Internet has varied solutions regarding malfunctioning transponder keys.  Use caution.  Technologies often change, sometimes after only a few months, and you can never be sure whether the advice is accurate or applicable to your device or car.  Remember, a locksmith is an experienced, trained, certified, and experienced expert – it’s their job to handle these situations.

KR Locksmith

KR Locksmith (“KR”) is a family-owned locksmith in Charlotte NC that serves Charlotte and the surrounding area.  Its team of highly trained professionals have over 15 years of experience in commercial, home, and automotive services.  It uses the highest quality locks and is proud of its top locksmith reputation.

KR is an expert auto locksmith in Charlotte NC, that repairs, reprograms, and replaces lost and malfunctioning transponder keys.   Additional auto locksmith services include:

•    Locked trunk opening
•    Key replacement and recutting
•    Broken key extraction
•    Ignition change and repair
•    Lock rekeying
•    Laser keying

KR also provides complete security solutions for businesses, families, homes, and anything that requires securing.  Its certified locksmiths use the latest technology and are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

KR additionally offers emergency lockout response services.  If you need immediate assistance, any time, day or night, call (980)333-8238, and it will send out a locksmith to assist.

Contact KR Locksmith today for all your professional locksmith needs.  Your security, privacy, and confidence are its primary concerns.

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