What is a web design and What does it take to become a web designer?

Web design means designing any website which can entice the users. In this, you have to make a website design and sell it to your customer or company, for web designing, you have to do many types of courses, after which you can make a good website design.

What does it take to become a web designer?

To become a web designer, you have to join some courses and be a little creative. Anyone can do this course, whether it is of science, commerce, or arts.

No coding is required in this course

You don’t need any age to learn it, you can learn whenever you want. Anyone can learn it, be it a 12-year-old student or a 40-year-old man.

Web Design Courses

To become a web designer, you have Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and much other software in the market, but both of them are very popular. After learning this, you can work on Graphic Design, Logo Design, Layout, Wireframe all these and can create a good web design. The cost of a web design course can range from 15000/- to 25000/-. It may take you 4 to 6 months to learn this course.

Web design tools or software:

  • Photoshop
  • Dreamweaver
  • Sketch
  • Adobe XD
  • Figma
  • Marvel

Scope in Web Design

Web design also has a very good scope, you can do web design sitting at home (freelancing) or you can do it by going to any company. Web designers do the work of creating a website map. Before creating any website, the design of the website is made, and then looking at that web design, the same type of real website is made. A web designer gets a salary of 15 to 20 thousand in the beginning.

What is web development?

A web developer builds a website according to the web design and gives it to its client, to become a web developer, many types of courses have to be learned. In this, it is the responsibility of the web developer to create the entire website.

What does it take to become a web developer?

If you want to become a web developer, then you can do a Diploma / Polytechnic in Information Technology or Computer after 10th. Or you can go ahead with computer science in 11th and after that, you can do computer engineering or IT engineering.

Engineering is a graduation course after which you can make a career in website development.

Web Development Courses

There are 2 types of web development courses

1) Front End: In this, you only have to create a user interface, you have to create a design template of a good-looking website.

2) Back End: In this, you have to write the logic behind the website like coding about server and internet connection.

If you know both, then you will also be called Full Stack Developer. That is, you have complete information about the website and you can make a complete website and sell it to the people alone. After learning this course, you can also create your own personal website.

If you do a web development course from a private place, then the cost of a web development course can be from 20000/- to 60000/-. It may take you 5 to 8 months to learn this course.

If you have even a little knowledge of programming, then you can learn web designing for free sitting at home because there are many such free videos available on YouTube and the Internet, which you can learn by watching.

You can also learn it by visiting the website tutorial site.

Free Web Development Tutorial Websites:

  • W3School
  • TutorialsPoint
  • CareerFoundary
  • CodeAcademy
  • MDBootstrap

Technologies in web development courses

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • node.js
  • React
  • PHP
  • SQL etc.

Scope (Future) in Web Development

In today’s era, the internet is needed by every human being as well as a website as well. Today people do from studies to office work on online websites. So it has a lot of job scope.

Compared to before, today the website has changed a lot, people have started doing online gaming, chatting, calling everything online. There is always new technology coming to the website.

This is the reason that there is a lot of scope in web development and one can make a career by learning it.

A web developer can get a job in any company because today every company has a website.

Web developer salary

Initially, the salary of a web designer can be from 15000 to 20000 per month but after 1 year it can increase to 25 to 30 thousand or above.

Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

Web Design: In this, the web designer has to work on the graphic. No programming is required. Just you must have skills and the diploma of a web designing course. Designing is done using some software tools

Web Development: In this, the web developer has to work on the entire website, in which he has to create all the functions. Knowledge of programming is very important. The website is developed using any software.

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