What Is Aluminum Wok Pan & Its Uses

Summary: The following article gives brief information about aluminium ingot machines which used for multiple purposes.

Aluminum Wok Pan ranges that feature a wide periphery of products, each designed to suit individual purposes.  It is used for the casting moulding of metallurgical ingots in the last step, which is applied for the casting of aluminium.


Aluminum Wok Pan system having a source of molten metallic, a rotatable annular ring, carrying ingot casting moulds and a pressure member for indexing the moulds. The system includes a vacuum demoulded having a vacuum seal arrangement having a sealing element having a flexible core which can deform to form a vacuum seal towards an ingot and a flexible abrasion resistant outer layer at the middle, and maintaining elements located on a lower face of the vacuum lifting head for releasable preserving the sealing detail onto the lifting head.

The vacuum seal has a bendy ring shaped body, being rounded in go phase, having a fibre wire middle and an abrasion resistant bendy sheathing surrounding the centre.

Why Its Use

Metallic is processed in a number of ways. For a few metals the preferred shape of manufacturing is in the shape of ingots, which are then transported to metallic running stores, as an example rolling mills, for in addition processing and fabrication. Aluminium induction furnace is one kind of metallic that’s typically solid into ingots. Ingots can be made in diverse sizes, depending upon the scale of the smelter and different elements. One commonplace size for ingots is a huge length that is typically referred to as “sow”.

For Certain Requirement

Aluminum ingot casting machine has positive necessities. As an instance, it is desired if the casting can hold without stopping. This avoids having molten metal solidify in which it is not desired, along with in a furnace or in a shipping launder or the like. However, continuous production requires continuous removal of molten steel, which in turn requires continuous casting. Non-stop casting machines normally take the shape of a circle, to allow non-stop filling, removal and refilling of ingot forming moulds. In one not unusual sort of casting gadget, a plurality of moulds are assisting in a casting ring, which in flip is supported from a principal axle having radial arms supporting the casting ring.

As the ring indexes ahead the moulds are poured to form ingots after which the ingots are slowly cooled. After cooling, the ingots are eliminated from the moulds after which the moulds are provided for refilling. Usually, the carousel ring is driven from its center axle.

Therefore according to the present invention there may be furnished a casting ring which is absolutely supported from underneath, and in which the distance in the ring is clear so that it’s far to be had for use for functions apart from sincerely helping the casting ring. Preferably a sturdy, but relatively lightweight and thus nimble casting ring may be formed by assisting the hoop on rails, which in turn are supported on rollers, which can be both floor mounted or hooked up to the bottom of the hoop. Rails are desired to help the hoop on the rollers.

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