What is an electronic component distributor?

obsolete electronic components distributor

obsolete electronic components distributor

Distributors of electronic components are an important link in the supply chain for electronics. They purchase components from manufacturers, store them, and supply them. Distributors supply most of the components to the company. GreenTree is supplying traceable and verified distributor of obsolete electronic components, both directly from manufacturers and through our extensive global network of approved OEM vendors and franchised distributors. They provide a special solution to tier-1 OEM’s and CM’s that are seeking reliable, authenticated, and genuine obsolete electronic components.

GreenTreebattles counterfeit goods offers value-added services and authenticates and tests obsolete electrical components. To test and authenticate obsolete integrated circuits, GreenTree and White Horse Laboratories have a service license agreement. As suppliers of obsolete electronic components, GreenTree Electronics is committed to testing and validating electronic components at testing research facilities and offering our clients a warranty on the function-fit form. GreenTree Electronics’ obsolete electronic components distributor offers stock administration projects to suit your specific needs. The obsolete components distributor advises competent management of your excess and obsolete components to improve the supply chain process.

GreenTree Electronics’ obsolete components supplier offers free design assistance to help our clients select reliable programmable devices for their applications. These quality management systems are frequently stricter and more extensive than an approved obsolete electronics supplier. The use of electronic components is subject to extremely strict guidelines in both the military and the medical industry. As a distributor of integrated circuits or we can say, distributor of IC’s, GreenTree Electronics has a specialty in microprocessors and DSP for embedded systems, networking, imaging, and video. In order to assure quality, GreenTree Electronics is committed to testing and authenticating electronic components in a testing laboratory and providing an electronic components testing service.

According to GreenTree Electronics, we have been in the electronic sector for more than 20 years as an obsolete components distributor, supplying electronic parts and value-added services to the global market for use in applications for medical, industrial, defense, communication, and consumer goods. Our expertise is in Programmable Logic Devices (FPGA, CPLD), Micro-Processors, Memories, and Active ICs.

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