What is an EU Representative?

Once the Brexit transition period ends, organizations based in the UK trade with the European Union will be required to appoint an European Authorized Representative.

What is an EU representative? 

A legal entity established in the EU serves as a point of contact between your organization, supervisory authorities, and data subjects.

Facilitate communications between your organization and EU supervisory authorities in your organization and data subjects holds and maintains your organization’s record of data processing activities.

On request, make the record of data processing activities available to the supervisory authority.

Do you need an EU representative?

Non-EU organizations need to appoint an EU representative to monitor their behavior or provide goods or services to EU residents. Businesses in the UK that deal exclusively with UK-based customers must not select an EU representative.

How to appoint an EU representative?

  • EU representative can be any natural or legal person.
  • They must be appointed in writing, which is usually in the form of a service contract.
  • When considering where to appoint your EU representative, determine the EU member state in which most data subjects or customers reside.
  • UK based businesses should appoint the EU representative before the end of a transition period to ensure they continue trading while also meeting their obligations under article 27 of the GDPR.

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