What is an online coding school?

There are online coding courses and the coding school provides online coding courses for kids. The kids learn the concepts of coding, mathematics and logic in the courses. The courses are specially designed for kids. The courses cover different topics. The kids are taught to code using examples and projects.

Coding schools offer online courses that teach the kids coding and there are courses offered for kids aged 6 – 18. The courses are customized as per age and the courseware is designed specially for kids.

The courses are taught by expert teachers and the kids get trained by experts. The coding school teaches the kids about real-world applications. The online coding school is an education platform to teach the kids to code. The kids are taught to design and develop codes in the courses.

Details of the online courses offered by online coding school
The courses teach the following topics:

● Game development
The kids ages 6 – 10 are taught to build games using Scratch. The kids aged 11 – 18 are taught 3D coding using the HatchXR platform. They are taught to build games using JavaScript and Python.

● Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
The kids are taught to build intelligent chatbots and introduced to the concepts of Machine Learning. The kids are taught to build their own ML model. This course is for kids aged 11 – 18.

● 3D Coding and Virtual Reality games
The kids learn to design, code and publish Virtual Reality experiences using a Virtual Reality editor. The kids learn 3D maths and game development concepts.

● Android development
The kids learn to design and develop games and apps using Android. The kids are also taught to publish apps.

● Augmented Reality development
The kids are taught JavaScript coding language, coding in 3D and game development.

There are three different levels of the courses. They are as follows: the Beginners course, the Advanced course and the Mastery course. Each course consists of a fixed number of online sessions.

The courses follow a project-based curriculum. The kids are taught using many examples and projects.

Future of coding
There are many openings in the coding field and teaching the kids to code may open career paths for them. It may help the kids in their career growth. The kids may make a successful career in the field in the future. The future of coding is bright and there will be many opportunities in the field.

The coding schools offer customized learning paths and the kids can become job-ready by the time they complete their graduation.

The author is a writer and likes to write about the various online courses available in the computer field. Here the author has explained about the online coding school.

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