What is Augmented Reality? Benefits, Features, Real-World Applications


With the arrival of augmented reality, the way we perceive, observe and connect with the world has changed.

Yes! Thanks to this technology it is possible to intertwine two worlds that used to seem so distant: “the virtual world with the real world”.

The high impact of this technological innovation has allowed it to be included in different fields, such as the Augmented Reality App Development Mobile so that users can live this experience more closely from their Smartphone.

What is it?

Augmented reality could be defined as that window that exists between the real and virtual environment, where it is sought to change the physical perception obtained by the user. What it does is append virtual elements, such as images, additional information, and graphics to our reality.

A great example in the Development of Augmented Reality Mobile Apps is the popular Pokémon GO appIn this video game, the mission was to get and capture pokemon’s in different real places of the city. This attempt was very successful to popularize augmented reality.

However, for an augmented reality process to be carried out, it will be necessary to comply with the following:

  • A device capable of taking the real images observed by users.
  • A mobile to project the combination of real and virtual images.
  • A device to interpret all the real information and generate the information of the virtual area, and finally, combine it.
  • The activator of augmented reality, which can be through GPS, QR code that is already integrated into most technological devices, or any other.

All the integration of these processes between virtual and real could be summarized in 3 steps:

  1. The device seeks to capture and analyze all the information of the environment where it is located, in order to append the corresponding virtual elements and create the sensation known as “immersion”.
  2. Then there is the modeling of the images to be transformed into 3D. The recreation of the same should be according to space where we are, and the size they handle should be adapted according to the distance between that object and us.
  3. Finally, a “tracker” is used, which is nothing more than the software responsible for interpreting this data and providing you with the best experience in the use of augmented reality.


Among the main benefits that augmented reality offers us, we have the following:

1. Task optimization and cost reduction

The activities that must be carried out by the personnel of a company can be optimized with augmented reality, visually showing all the tasks to be completed.

This will leave behind the tedious task of the old paper list, which has taken so much time from employees. In addition to being very effective to minimize costs in office supplies.

Thanks to the Development of Mobile Apps of Augmented Reality, companies will only need an application to place all the indications of their activities.

2. New channel for communication with users

The window opens to a new channel of communication with users since you will get information capable of interacting with the real environment where you are.

Entrepreneurs and big business people usually take advantage of this channel to involve their potential client in advertising campaigns, by showing how their service/product works and making it part of it, through augmented reality.

3. Location, information, and accessibility

Users can have access to all the information they require in a matter of minutes, this is very helpful since they can move around in one place, without fear of getting lost.

Every day, there are more businesses that decide to adopt the Development of Augmented Reality Mobile Apps, with the aim of guiding users and offering information in real-time. Among the businesses where it has been implemented are: supermarkets, airports, factories, shopping centers, and museums.

4. Greater brand positioning

A brand that includes augmented reality can improve its positioning more quickly, as there will be more people interested in participating and knowing what it has to offer.

On the other hand, it is a new way to connect with the target audience and get their attention, to finally build loyalty. Without forgetting, that customers will have greater ease in remembering the product/service offered, by the 3D experience they obtained with the brand.

Characteristics of Augmented Reality

Its main features are:

 Combine the real world with the virtual

  • Augmented reality allows interaction between the real and the virtual world.

Work interactively in real-time

  • Any action that the user performs will immediately affect the recreation of the real scene in the augmented reality.

Use 3 dimensions

  • The information shown is represented in 3D perspective.

 It will depend on the context

  • The information displayed will depend on the context where we are.

Real-world applications of Augmented Reality

The scope of augmented reality has been implemented in real-world solutions, such as the following:


  • With the use of holographic glasses or tablets, doctors can visualize the organs of their patients in 3D, and even check their medical history before or during surgery.


  • Fans of hiking activities have the opportunity to visualize their route and know all the details, making a 3D projection. This allows them to plan better before exploring the terrain.


  • The notebooks with special markers of augmented reality, allow students to place it in front of their mobile device and computer, to generate a response of 3D images.


  • Car companies offer the possibility to their customers, to visualize the future car they want, adapting their needs and tastes.


  • The sale and promotion of a company has an unimaginable reach. It is possible to see the advertising campaign in the street on a wall.


It is a fact that augmented reality is here to stay, and with the Development of Augmented Reality Mobile Apps, it is possible to have a better experience with brands that invest in such interactive developments. To show a button, the company IKEA has had very good results with its virtual reality apps.

Beyond being taken as a fad, it is a smart investment that could improve the visibility and profitability of any business.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next article.

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