What is Azure Security Center? | The hybrid cloud approach

What is Azure Security Center?

Microsoft provides all Azure subscribers with the cutting-edge, unified security management platform known as Azure Security Center. The standard offering has features like security threat blocking through access and app controls, adjustable security policies for maintaining regulatory and standards compliance, security vulnerability discovery tools and patches, and advanced threat detection through security alerts and analytics. These features are available for both cloud and on-premises workloads. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of Azure Security Center and explain how to use its comprehensive feature set to improve the security of your on-site and cloud implementations.

The hybrid cloud approach

Azure Security Center is a completely free service that includes your subscription’s security policy, assessments, recommendations, and connected partner solutions if maintaining the security of your Azure-only installations is your only concern. However, you should use Azure’s basic service, which is free for the first 60 days, if you have hybrid deployments (where Azure links to your on-premises installations as well). By combining all of your security data from connected on-premises deployments and Azure-cloud deployments into a single, searchable UI with at-a-glance analytics, a wealth of security tools, and at-a-glance analytics, this hybrid cloud approach greatly simplifies the discovery and assessment of security threats.

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