What is Azure Virtual Network?

What is Azure Virtual Network?

Azure Virtual Network (VNet) is the essential constructing block on your personal community in Azure. VNet allows many forms of Azure resources, consisting of Azure Virtual Machines (VM), to safely speak with ever        y other, the internet, and on-premises networks. VNet is just like a conventional community that you would function to your personal records center, however brings with it extra blessings of Azure’s infrastructure consisting of scale, availability, and isolation.

Why use an Azure Virtual network?

Azure digital community permits Azure sources to soundly talk with every other, the internet, and on-premises networks. Key situations that you could accomplish with a digital community include – conversation of Azure sources with the internet, conversation among Azure sources, conversation with on-premises sources, filtering community traffic, routing community traffic, and integration with Azure services.
Communicate with the internet

All sources in a VNet can talk outbound to the internet, through default. You can talk inbound to an aid through assigning a public IP deal with or a public Load Balancer. You also can use public IP or public Load Balancer to manipulate your outbound connections. To research greater approximately outbound connections in Azure, see outbound connections, Public IP addresses, and Load Balancer.

Communicate among Azure sources

Azure sources speak securely with every different in one of the following ways:

  • Through a digital community: You can installation VMs, and numerous different varieties of Azure sources to a digital community, which include Azure App Service Environments, the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets. To view a whole listing of Azure sources that you could installation right into a digital community, see Virtual community carrier integration.
  • Through a digital community carrier endpoint: Extend your digital community non-public deal with area and the identification of your digital community to Azure carrier sources, which include Azure Storage bills and Azure SQL Database, over an instantaneous connection. Service endpoints let you steady your important Azure carrier sources to handiest a digital community. To research greater, see Virtual community carrier endpoints overview.
  • Through VNet Peering: You can join digital networks to every different, permitting sources in both digital community to speak with every different, the usage of digital community peering. The digital networks you join may be within side the identical, or different, Azure regions. To research greater, see Virtual community peering.

Communicate with on-premises sources

You can join your on-premises computer systems and networks to a digital community the usage of any aggregate of the subsequent alternatives:

  • Point-to-web website online digital non-public community (VPN): Established among a digital community and an unmarried pc on your community. Each pc that desires to set up connectivity with a digital community ought to configure its connection. This connection kind is awesome in case you’re simply getting commenced with Azure, or for developers, as it calls for very little adjustments in your current community. The communique among your pc and a digital community is dispatched via an encrypted tunnel over the internet. To research greater, see Point-to-web website online VPN.
  • Site-to-web website online VPN: Established among your on-premises VPN tool and an Azure VPN Gateway this is deployed in a digital community. This connection kind permits any on-premises aid which you authorize to get entry to a digital community. The communique among your on-premises VPN tool and an Azure VPN gateway is dispatched via an encrypted tunnel over the internet. To research greater, see Site-to-web website online VPN.
  • Azure Express Route: Established among your community and Azure, via an Express Route partner. This connection is non-public. Traffic does now no longer pass over the internet. To research greater, see Express Route.

Filter community site visitors

You can clear out out community site visitors among subnets the usage of both or each of the subsequent alternatives:

  • Network protection organizations: Network protection organizations and alertness protection organizations can comprise more than one inbound and outbound protection policies that allow you to clear out out site visitors to and from sources via way of means of supply and vacation spot IP deal with, port, and protocol. To research greater, see Network protection organizations or Application protection organizations.
  • Network digital home equipment: A community digital equipment is a VM that plays a community function, which include a firewall, WAN optimization, or different community function. To view a listing of to be had community digital home equipment that you could installation in a digital community, see Azure Marketplace.

Route community site visitors

Azure routes site visitors among subnets, related digital networks, on-premises networks, and the Internet, via way of means of default. You can enforce both or each of the subsequent alternatives to override the default routes Azure creates:

  • Route tables: You can create custom path tables with routes that manipulate wherein site visitors is routed to for every subnet. Learn greater approximately path tables.
  • Border gateway protocol (BGP) routes: If you join your digital community in your on-premises community the usage of an Azure VPN Gateway or Express Route connection, you could propagate your on-premises BGP routes in your digital networks. Learn greater approximately the usage of BGP with Azure VPN Gateway and Express Route.

Virtual community integration for Azure offerings

Integrating Azure offerings to an Azure digital community permits non-public get entry to the carrier from digital machines or compute sources within side the digital community. You can combine Azure offerings on your digital community with the subsequent alternatives:


  • Deploying committed times of the carrier right into a digital community. The offerings can then be privately accessed in the digital community and from on-premises networks.
  • Using Private Link to get entry to privately a selected example of the carrier out of your digital community and from on-premises networks.
  • You also can get entry to the carrier the usage of public endpoints via way of means of extending a digital community to the carrier, via carrier endpoints. Service endpoints permit carrier sources to be secured to the digital community.

Azure VNet limits

There are sure limits across the variety of Azure sources you could installation. Most Azure networking limits are on the most values. However, you could growth sure networking limits as special at the VNet limits page.

Virtual networks and availability zones

Virtual networks and subnets span all availability zones in a region. You do not want to divide them via way of means of availability zones to deal with zonal sources. For example, in case you configure a zonal VM, you do not should think about the digital community while choosing the provision sector for the VM. The identical is genuine for different zonal sources.

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