What is Cryotherapy and Why is It So Great?

Spending a couple of minutes in a cryotherapy machine may not seem like a big deal. However, doing it on a regular basis can have some wonderful results.

In a way, cryotherapy is quite an old practice. In fact, anyone who has ever put ice on a sprained ankle or had liquid nitrogen applied to a wart has undergone a form of it. However, whole body cryotherapy has gained more and more mainstream attention as of late. This is partially thanks to prominent sports teams and celebrities like Jessica Alba and Demi Moore acknowledging and praising the practice.


What is so special about whole body cryotherapy? Here are a description of the process and its potential benefits.

What is Whole-Body Cryotherapy?

Whole-body cryotherapy (sometimes referred to as “WBC” for short) involves the use of a cryotherapy chamber or cryosauna. These units typically come up to a person’s shoulders and fill with nitrogen vapor, which lowers the temperature inside the chamber to well below -100°F (-37.78°C). A session inside a cryotherapy unit lasts only about three minutes.

Whole-body cryotherapy started being used for medical purposes in 1978. The practice was developed by Japanese doctor Toshima Yamauchi, who was seeking a better way to treat patients with arthritis. In the years that followed, Europeans began using WBC to treat various medical issues and sports injuries.

What are the Benefits of Cryotherapy?

According to cryotherapy users, consistent cryotherapy sessions can have a variety of emotional and physical benefits:

Emotional Benefits

Cryotherapy franchise clientele and other regular cryosauna users have noted improvements in:

• Mood: When the body is exposed to below-freezing temperatures inside the cryosauna, it starts producing more endorphins. These hormones help people deal with pain or stress. Consequently, people who undergo a session of cryotherapy can feel their mood lighten.

• Energy: The endorphins that are produced by a cryosauna session can also boost a person’s energy level. Users can feel elated or euphoric for hours afterwards.

Physical Benefits

Cryotherapy users have reported several physical benefits of regular cryo machine sessions. These include:

• Pain Relief: Like icing a body part, the freezing temperature inside a cryotherapy unit can reduce inflammation and swelling. As a result of this, cryotherapy can help relieve pain and heal injuries.

• Improved Metabolism: Cryotherapy can help boost a person’s metabolism too. When the body feels its temperature start to drop, it starts burning more calories to compensate.

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