What Is Erosion Blanket Control And How It Is Applied

erosion control blanket

What Is Erosion Blanket Control And How It Is Applied

Erosion control blanket is a type of blanket that is used to protect the land from erosion by wind and water. It is usually used when there is a lot of rainfall and flooding in the area.

The application of these blankets can help to stop soil erosion, which means they will help to prevent landslides, mudslides and other types of natural disasters caused by high winds and heavy rains. They’re also known as erosion blankets, soil-retaining blankets or soil stabiliser blankets.

Made from a special type of geotextile fabric, they’re made up of spun-bonded polypropylene yarns or woven polypropylene fabrics with high strength and durability. 


How does erosion blanket control work?

An erosion blanket consist of a layer of geo textiles (also known as geo fabric) are anchored to the ground with stakes. A geotextile is a textile made from high strength polymers letting water pass through but stops soil particles from passing through it. An erosion blanket acts like an umbrella to catch falling raindrops and protect the soil underneath from being washed away. 

The size of the geo textiles used in an erosion blanket depends on the type of soil they are protecting; larger geo textiles will be required for clay soils while smaller ones will suffice for sandy soils


Types of erosion blankets


  • Static or non-moving blankets

Designed to prevent soil movement by creating a barrier in between the soil and water flow, these blankets usually have high tensile strength, low permeability and good durability.


  • Dynamic or moving blankets

Designed to provide protection against erosion caused by glaciers, rockslides, avalanches and other natural phenomena, it protects surface structures such as buildings and roads from damage due to these natural hazards.


Advantages of using an erosion control blanket

Protection of slopes from erosion

If you have a slope on your property that’s prone to erosion, then placing an erosion control blanket over it can help protect it from further damage caused by water runoff and heavy rainfall. This will reduce the amount of sediment entering local waterways and help keep the surrounding environment clean and healthy.

Reduced cost

It is relatively cheap compared with other methods of erosion control, such as using soil nails or other forms of ground reinforcement. This makes it a cost-effective solution for many construction projects.

Easier installation

It can be easily installed as they need to be laid down on top of the ground without any additional digging required. This makes them ideal for use in areas where digging would cause additional problems such as traffic disruption or damage to sensitive areas like archaeological sites.


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This method is highly successful in preventing soil erosion and conserving water by slowing or preventing the flow of water and the decline of velocity. As you can now see, erosion blanket control is essential and effective for many fields. In the future, it will only become increasingly important.

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