What is Ethyl Alcohol? It’s a Prime Ingredient for the Making of Alcoholic Beverages, Beauty Products and Hand Sanitizers!

As far as the alcohol is concerned, this can be corn based or sugarcane based. It’s the sugarcane based alcohol that is believed to be environmental friendly and also beneficial for human health. So, this one is considered as the safest one on the use. And when we are talking about alcohol, the ethyl alcohol or known as ethanol is also going to draw our attention quickly. Both the non denatured and denatured forms of the ethyl alcohol are coming to the market and they are being used for different purposes and applications. But the non denatured one is considered as the safe one for human consumption. It is also called as the food grade alcohol. It is used for a wide range of applications and purposes as well such as to make the tinctures, essential oils, herbal oils, plants extracts, etc.

If you are looking for the top quality food grade alcohol, then you are at the right place! Extractohol strives hard to bring the best quality ethyl alcohol that is safe on use and can bring maximum extraction ability to the table. While using it, you can go for maximum extractions that will also remain highly pure. What is ethyl alcohol? This is also known as the ethanol. But the food grade alcohol that is also called as the non denatured ethyl alcohol has got so many other names like anhydrous ethanol, food-grade EtOH, grain alcohol, food-grade ethanol, 190 proof-grain alcohol, etc. Its purity of the ethyl alcohol is what making this safe for human consumption. It is also a prime ingredient for the making of wine, beer and brandy like alcoholic beverages.

As this ethyl alcohol can dissolve in the organic compounds and water easily, it is also used for a wide range of other purposes such as for the making of personal care items, beauty products, varnishes and paints. This is actually a colorless and clear liquid and best known for its purity. When you ask what is ethyl alcohol, you must keep in mind that its ethanol and this is a kind of plant byproduct that is produced naturally due to the plant’s fermentation. This can also be produced while going for the hydration of the ethylene.

There are so many beauty care and cosmetic products for which ethanol is the prime ingredient. This works as the astringent that cleans the skins and pores properly. This also works are the preservative while being used to make the lotions. This prevents the other ingredients in the lotions not to get separated. It also helps the hair sprays to adhere the hairs.

Food grade alcohol is used to make the tinctures, essential oils, plant extracts and herbal oils. This is an important component for the making of these items. This keeps the quality of these items pure and perfect. What is ethyl alcohol – and this one is also the food grade alcohol that is safe for human use. It comes with antibacterial properties and due to this reason it is used to make the hand sanitizers.

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