What is Fiction novel and its types?


There is an expansive assortment of books accessible to the readers. From secrets to sentiment to tension, the collection of fictitious books with remarkable characters is perpetual to intrigue stories. If you appreciate reading or are viewed as a profession in experimental writing, you might profit from a better comprehension of the various fiction types for story writing.

In this article, you will know about fiction, its types, and one of the best Indian fiction novel.

What is fiction?

Fiction is a kind of composing that comes from a creator’s own creative mind and recounts a story. There are many sorts of fiction inside the class of fiction itself, yet a wide range of fiction incorporates fundamental components like plot, dialogue, character, etc.

Types of fiction novel

  1. Sci-fi – Sci-fi stories frequently happen from here on out and include fictitious parts of science and innovation.
  2. Mystery – The mystery is a kind of fiction that spotlights settling violations and baffling occasions.
  3. Historical fiction – Historical fiction is a story that requires some investment and spot previously, commonly no less than 50 years or more for it to be viewed as verifiable fiction.
  4. Fantasy – Fantasy is a sort of fiction that spotlights mystical and extraordinary components that don’t exist in the real world.
  5. Horror – The horror class’ motivation is to make sensations of dread and energy in the peruser.

An Indian fiction book by Indian author

Shivi and Satty: And The Warriors of Death and Shivi and Satty: And The Rudra Sena – By Author Anupama Gupta

A tale, which progressively forged warriors, and made them learn sage and sacrifice, that fills the recesses of one’s mind.

A spiritual voyage on the sea of Damyatha(Restraint), Datta(Charity), and Dayadhvam(Compassion) with a guiding star of varied mystical forms i.e., Upanishads; having interspersed with lively characters like Shivi and Satya.

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