What is Google AdWords?

Internet marketing is the go-to trend used by businesses nowadays to attract new clients. It is an effective method for lead-generation and can get people to know about your product. There are various ways in which marketers make use of internet marketing. Google AdWords is one of those ways. As its name suggests, it is the  brainchild of Google itself. It requires you to bid on certain keywords which are related to your business. If your bid is successful, Google shows your website’s name on the top of the SERPs for searches which contain the keyword you had bid on. This way you get to advertise your brand or business on Google and get a head start on your rivals.


Advantages of Google AdWords

The biggest advantage that Google AdWords offers is the exposure of your business to a wider audience. It is no secret that almost all the people in the world make use of Google to find anything they are looking for. By letting you advertise your brand on the first page of Google, Google AdWords gives you maximum exposure. Moreover, since your ad is shown in response to the keyword search made by the users, the chances of the person visiting your website are quite high. You will be getting a user who is interested in the service or product that you are selling and is more likely to buy something. So, you aren’t just getting traffic to your website but targeted traffic which can be easily converted to customers and sales.

How Google AdWords Work

Google AdWords has a simple procedure. Businesses are asked to bid on keywords that they think are used by people when searching for their products or services. You have to outbid your rivals in order to get your ads posted on the SERPs generated in response to the keywords of your choice. So, if you are in a business where competition is high, it is difficult to outbid your competitors. In such situations, it is a good idea to bid on alternative keywords or long-tail keywords which are mostly used by people when searching for a service or product.

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