What is Google Smart Lock and How Does It Work?

Google Smart Lock is a strong and upgraded tool for password management. By using it, you can keep your device secure. You don’t have to use any other security service. If you are worried about your device and security of your data, then you probably should use it to put one more layer of security on your device. It secures  your device in multiple ways.

On-body detection: Once you set up the device password or pin, it will not ask you to enter the password again. This is how On-body detection of Google lock works.

Trusted Device: If you prefer this option of security, you can choose Bluetooth. Once the device is connected successfully, it will not ask for the password and will unlock right away.

Voice Match and Trusted Face: These options are now not available in the new devices, but if you are using an old Android device, then you can use it. It offers to set the voice or face recognition to unlock the device. You don’t need to enter any password to unlock the device, your face or voice will do it.

Trusted Place: In this method, you need to set up trusted places. You can choose your house, office or any other preferred area to unlock the device. If you are in the preferred area, you will not be required to enter the password to unlock the device.

How to Use Google Smart Lock on Android Device

Setting up the Google Smart Lock is pretty easy; you just have to pick the password to lock the screen. To enable this feature, follow this process:

  1. Move on to “Settings” of the device.
  2. Move to the “Security and location” section.
  3. Choose the “Smart Lock” option.
  4. Enter “password.”
  5. Select between “On-body detection” or “Trusted Place” option.

Follow the instructions if you have set up the lock by Trusted Place option by choosing the place that you trust.

How to Use Google Smart Lock on Chromebook

In Chromebook, Google Smart Lock works in a slightly different way. In this, it will simply enable you to unlock the device once you connect your Android device to Chromebook. For doing this, you need to first sign up with the Google account on both devices. Once connected, here is what you need to do.

  1. Choose the time option from the bottom right section of Chromebook display.
  2. Hit the “Settings” option.
  3. Select the Android device for connection and then press the set up key.
  4. Mention the strong password and then follow the given instructions.
  5. Once you get the confirmation alert, choose the enable option,

If there is still any additional instruction given, just fill the authentic details and finish the process.

How Important and Beneficial is Google Smart Lock

Indeed, it will keep your device safe, and it also helps you in many more ways. It allows you to share your password from device to device. By using its unique features, your day to day tasks could be easier. Turning it off is also simple; just head to the settings of your Google account. You can use it without setting up the screen lock.

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Source: What is Google Smart Lock and How Does It Work?

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