What Is Halal Gelatin? What Is It Made Of?

Gelatin is an ingredient used in food and pharmaceutical formulations. It is used often in the preparation of capsules and even sweets. There are certain types of gelatin manufactured using various methods. One such type is Halal Gelatin. Let us find out more about this gelatin type.

What is Halal Gelatin?

The word ‘Halal’ means pure and permissible in the religion of Islam. Halal Gelatin means a type of gelatin that does not use pig products. Generally, gelatin is produced using the bones and marrow of cows and buffaloes. It is also now made with the skin of pangasius and tilapia fish.

What is halal gelatin made of?

The modern manufacturing processes have redefined to formulate gelatin in a halal way so that people from all religions and beliefs can consume food and medicines with gelatin.

The new processes include bovine marrow and bones to prepare the gelatin. It is ideal for Muslims who are prohibited from consuming anything related to pigs. Similarly, the communities can’t consume products made of bovine gelatin can consume products made from fish skin.

In most cases, Halal Gelatin is produced using the parts of bovine animals and fish. The bones, marrow, tendons and skin are boiled to extract raw gelatin and then refined using various safe chemical processes.

Vegan gelatin is produced, which is also halal, by using vegetable sources. In this case, plants containing ample collagen are used to extract gelatin using modern techniques. Plants that are typically favored for preparing gelatin are seaweed, vegetable peels, carrageenan, etc.

Needs of Halal Gelatin

According to Islamic principles, the gelatin used in different food and medicinal products should be free from swine parts. This is where Halal Gelatin fits into the picture quite well. It does not hurt the sentiments of this religious sect.

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