What Is Hosting And How To Choose It For A Website?

Every webmaster is faced with the same task of deciding which host to choose for their website. This is a fundamental requirement without which web resources cannot exist on the Internet. So, out of all the kinds that hosting providers offer, it’s important to choose the right option so that the website doesn’t slow down and runs smoothly. But first, let’s figure out what website hosting is and why you need it.

Server and website hosting: what is it and why do you need it?

All the information contained on a website (videos, pictures, text, etc.) has to be stored somewhere, and the server is such a place. Its main tasks are not only to store all data but also to process user requests, display all necessary page elements correctly and provide uninterrupted access to information. Therefore, the server is always connected to the network so that the site can work 24/7. It’s worth noting that the more people visit your web resource pages, the more powerful the server should be so that the site doesn’t “fall down”.

Hosting is a service that provides server disk space rental so that both organizations and ordinary people can place their websites on the Internet. Hosting can be free or paid. However, if you need really high-quality resources, not stubs, it’s best to forgo the free option right now.

For ease of understanding, let’s explain what web hosting is through the following example: a high-rise building is a server, and a rented apartment in it is a host. If you live alone, then you need a little space, but if you have a family of several people or frequent guests, then you need more space and the cost of an apartment will be higher. The same goes for hosting. The bigger the website, the more server space it needs, which means that hosting rentals will be more expensive.

  • Also, hosting is very versatile. They can also be used to store the following files:
  • Email;
  • SSL security certificates;
  • applications;
  • photos, videos, and more


Thus, we can say that there are the following types of hosting for sites:

Shared hosting is the simplest and cheapest option, but it has numerous limitations.

VPS – VPS Hosting Providers have complete freedom and the ability to use any modern technology and programming language;

Dedicated Server—Ability to build your own virtualization system for complex and high-load Internet projects.

Which hosting should I choose for the site?

Before you buy hosting, pay attention not only to the cost but also to what the hosting provider will offer you. After all, this should save you time and vice versa. Take it away to clarify and eliminate technical issues.

So, how to choose to host and what to look for:

Technical support is 24/7. Most importantly, in the event of a problem, whether it’s New Year’s Day, Independence Day, or any other holiday, there must be constant communication with the operator.

backup. If something goes wrong, it’s important to be able to back up to roll back everything and fix it.

provider capability. Pay attention to what disks (SSD or HDD) the provider uses, how many sites you can host on a single host, and whether you can scale functionality as requests increase.

Work speed and channel congestion. Ask your ISP what download speeds they can guarantee and how busy the channel is so you can avoid situations where your site stops responding in the future.

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