What is Impotence and it causes, symptoms and Treatment

Impotence, also known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED) It is commonly referred to as the inability of having or keep an erection and may be caused by various reasons. ED can affect more than 15 million males in the US as well as around 150 million men across the globe.

Impotence is defined as the low level of libido (lack or desire to sexually engage) is due to depression. Depression can affect a person’s motivation and desire to participate in various things, including sexual. tension is a major health problem that can lead to many other problems.

Depression or Widower’s Syndrome or Performance Anxiety could be a contributing factor to impotence. One reason to believe that impotence could result from emotional factors is the capability to have a full sexual erection during sleep however not during the day. in this earth many people are suffering from erectile dysfunction. if you are suffer from this problem then you can take Cenforce. Depression-related impotence can account for about 10 percent of the instances of impotence.

Signs of depression

General depression, inability to sex drive. Inability to sustain or get an erection when awake, however capable of achieving erection while sleeping.


Treatment with antidepressants and psychotherapy can help, but certain antidepressants may cause more impotence through reducing the libido. Because this isn’t the cause of impotence that is biological, other treatments aren’t needed, and may not help. The doctor you see regularly can modify prescriptions to ease the effects of the effects of medication on impotence. Psychotherapy can be an additional treatment option for the effects of depression as well as impotence.

Trauma Trauma

Physical injury to the penis can cause impermanence. For example, trauma from the prostatectomy (removal of the prostate gland). Another physical injury to the penis can cause a decrease in blood flow to the region. In some instances, bike riding can harm veins with sensitive veins, stopping the blood needed to flow into the penis, causing an intimate erection.

Signs and symptoms

Recent or previous injuries are the most obvious reason. Inability to maintain or have an erection when awake or asleep could be the result of trauma. Impotence that occurs while awake or asleep could indicate an injury to the penis, hindering an the erection. A lot of people will see an association with trauma as well as impotence.


See a doctor or urologist to determine the root of the problem and suggest treatment.

The treatment may involve surgery or medication, or a combination of both. Some people have noticed positive results with medications like Viagra or Vidalista 20 which can boost the flow of blood into the genital region.

Medication Certain medicines like anti-anxiety medications and antipsychotics, blood pressure medications, hormonal meds and medications for low cholesterol could cause impermanence. The signs and symptoms are triggered when you take the new medication, some people may notice a decrease in sexualdriving. Be aware of the medications you’re taking and conscious of the potential consequences.


A change in medication could be the only treatment you need. Your doctor can instruct you about the specific adverse effects of medications.

Health Conditions medical conditions Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, high blood Pressure, Parkinson’s Disease and a range of other medical conditions may result in impotence. if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction then you can take Vidalista 40 mg online. The use of medications in the past or current may alter the way blood moves through your body, resulting in impermanence. Impotence increases with the passage of time. If you know of some medical condition which could lead to impotence seek advice from your doctor for treatments.


Unable to achieve or keep an erection asleep or awake could indicate the presence of a medical issue which you’re not conscious of. Because there are a variety of medical problems that could cause impotence vary so the symptoms can vary.


A variety of options are available to men suffering from impermanence due to medical issues. Testosterone supplements, medicines like Viagra, Levitra or Vidalista or penis pumps, and psychotherapy can be beneficial for treating impotence. Lifestyle changes can affect an individual’s capacity to create and keep an intimate erection. Alcohol, smoking and recreational drugs can lead to impotence in certain males. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle could aid in preventing impotence.


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