What is initial secure work order?

The first thing considered after a foreclosure is the initial security proposed by the bank or the REO (Real Estate Owner) of the property. Initial secure is nothing but a thorough analysis of the photos to determine the current state of the property with the help of the expert processor organized by the property preservation work order processing company. Initial Secure is the foremost work done after the property is being vacant. The primary job of the preservation company is to examine the current state of the place and suggest the most appropriate solution for the things that are not in good condition.

The initial secure differ according to work allotted by the bank or REO. Some clients will give you a passable allowance to go through the capital, some provide nominal business, and others to change the lock and do repairs to avoid trespassing or intrusion into the property. It also includes the notice posting, necessary examination, and other secondary work before the actual inspection can be completed.

Things to consider while on Initial Secure WO:

  • Make sure you read the work order precisely to avoid any extra work apart from the task prescribed by the bank. Doing additional work without any acknowledgment about the same by the client can lead you to some miscommunication, and the bank may not pay you for your extra efforts.
  • Check that you are at the right property with the correct address. Do not solely depend upon the description shared by the client or the company. Also, double-check before entering the property, as accessing the wrong place can cost you an undesirable fine for breaking into someone else’s property.
  • Vacancy of the property is also a very distinct element considered while doing the initial secure. Double-check the property to make sure the house is vacant as it will term as forbidden to do the work in the presence of the occupant in the property. Check the occupancy status of the property before doing any initial secure to avoid any unwanted situation to occur.
  • Bids After the Fast (BATF) is the point in which the client asks the property preservation company to do the work according to the required repairs that need instant consideration. You can make the initial secure WO significantly more productive as you can access the whole property and work more prominently in any case, your depiction and photographs must legitimize the sum you are invoicing.

During the initial secure WO, click as many pictures as you can to submit with the PCR report which can acknowledge the work you have done and can avoid any glitch. Before, during, and after photos needs to maintained and submitted with the proper date and order to make the work of client simpler.

Property With Initial Secure Includes:

  • Pumping water from an overflowed storm cellar or crawlspace as per the Bids After The Fact proposed by the client that legitimate you to the property to make you do your work with ease and accuracy.
  • Locks or re-key changing of all the entry and exit of property is the most essential part of the initial secure of property. Also, make a note of the entryway that is to re-key or entirely alter.
  • Removing the inside and outside debris is a part of the initial secure that accumulates waste eliminated from the property.
  • Removing hazardous waste, tarping and maintaining the broken shingles in the roof, filling the other leaks or opening included in bids after the fact offers and are based on necessary repairs only.
  • Performing the underlying grass cut and winterization during the season to prevent the property from developing any unwanted condition to occur while the property is vacant for some considerable time.
  • Turning off the water, if there is a hole or leakage in the pipes to forestall further harm, and you can also offer to fix the damages during your inspection and repair visits.

property preservation work order processing company helps you to review the photos and prepare a complete PCR (Property Condition Report) with appropriate bids and estimates to make the process more convenient for you and update the work orders precisely to the client. So always concern an expert for all your property preservation work.

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