What Is ISO 14001 Certification and How to Achieve It?


Are you planning to get your company ISO 14001 certified? Read this article to know how you can achieve it!


When it comes to organizations exhibiting a commitment to environmental management, ISO 14001 is regarded as the gold standard. ISO 14001 was created by specialists at the International Organization for Standardization and sets the foundation for a successful Environmental Management System (EMS). Over a quarter of a million firms worldwide hold an ISO 14001 certificate, with some of the world’s greenest companies promoting their ISO certification as part of their sustainability achievements and/or opting to do business exclusively with other ISO 14001 certified suppliers.

The road to ISO certification can be long and winding. Whether you’re planning for your first ISO 14001 audit or simply recertifying for the most recent revision, approaching ISO might seem daunting. So, it is always better to approach ISO 14001 Consultants in Canada who can guide you in a proper way.

How To Get ISO 14001 Certified?

Designing and implementing an EMS that follows the ISO’s best practices for an environmental management system (EMS), getting it up and running, and having an ISO-approved auditor undertake a complete audit of the system are all part of the ISO 14001 certification process. This audit will need considerable documentation, and the auditor may make suggestions that must be followed before ISO 14001 certification can be obtained.


Depending on the size and complexity of the company, designing, implementing, and certifying for ISO 14001 can take anywhere from six months to two years. As a result, having a dependable hand directing and recording every stage of the process is critical. A monitoring system eliminates human error and offers a single database for collecting and recording all documents. The more paperwork a company has, the more it has to evaluate, update, and control. ISO will also demand a large amount of documented evidence, if not all of it. A monitoring system may help with all of these things, as well as provide a quick response time for new or updated documents.


Human resources are a typical concern in the ISO 14001 certification process; skilled people are a vital instrument in developing and sustaining new environmental standards. For efficient EMS implementation, there is a general shortage of cross-functional personnel who can adapt and address a wide variety of environmental subjects. Having an ISO environmental specialist or advocate on your team can help you achieve ISO 14001 certification. Unawareness of the possible advantages is also a discouraging issue since many employees are resentful of the increased effort. A system operated by people who are knowledgeable about environmental issues and sustainability can help mitigate the shortage of specialist staff while also raising awareness and assisting in additional environmental training sessions.


So, without much delay, contact an ISO 14001 Consultant in Canada and get your organization ISO 14001 certified.


Author Bio: Dejan Kosutic, Certified Management Consultant, also earned his MBA from Henley Management College, and has extensive experience in investment, insurance, and banking. He is also a well-known ISO consultant with various certifications. He is renowned for authoring several related web tutorials, documentation toolkits, and books.


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