What is KN95 Respirator Mask and How many layers are There?

The widely popular and extremely demanding KN95 respirator face mask has the unique feature that come with four layers such as Non-woven layer, Activated Carbon filter layer, Cotton layer and second on-woven layer which are work efficiently to guard and filters particles of 0.5 micron diameters, absorbs chemical pollution, filters particles of 0.3 micron in diameter and in the same time it offers effortless breathing and comfort respectively. KN95 mask online is able to filter out most of the air medium dangerous particle and illness due to flues and offers a good comfort in breathing. You can also get the mask at your doorstep by simply doing Bulk Order KN95 mask with an affordable cost. We hope you have idea about KN95 Mask suppliers revels that the respirator mask is also have the same capability and highly similar in terms of work role with compare to the mask standards of Japan (DS), Korea (KMOEL), Europe (FFP2) and Australia (P2).

You would be glad to know that KN95 mask is the Chinese standards for masks that popularly known as the KN95 respirator masks that has an wide used in healthcare places. This mask has not only the capacity to filter out splashes, sprays, and large droplets, but also have the strong point of feature to filter out about 95 percent of unsafe particles that can contaminate through the air medium. As this mask is rated to defend and detain 95% 0.3 micron air particles that reduces the extremely possibility of illness to the mask wearer. Most of the face mask users looking for Bulk KN95 mask however they have still doubt that the masks are not able to filter the small particle. But the real truth is something dissimilar as a chief mask manufacturer and supplier of Bulk Order KN95 mask we would like to say you that actually these masks are more effective in capturing and filtering the air particles. After tested it has proven that this face mask is highly capable of filtering small particles that can be harmful while tainted to the people’s mouth and nose by reaching throat.

As we know that widely held off the face mask users keen to know about the performance particularly they care about the most things is the proportion of risky particles can be filtered by the masks. Here we would like to tell that you should know the N95 and KN95 respirator masks are around same as both are able to guard 95% of small particles which is till 0.3 micron. As the top most KN95 mask manufacturers online let us tell you 3M mentioned mask which is reasonable to think about the KN95 respirator mask as corresponding to the N95 US masks.

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