What is Malbec Wine? How is it Made?

Malbec grape originates from Cahors, France but now can be found anywhere from Argentina to the USA. Full-bodied, rich red wines made with Malbec grapes are renowned for their dark color, intense flavor, and strong tannin.

You can see that they are often compared to Cabernet Sauvignon wines when you want to buy red wine online. However, there are slight differences. For example, malbec has thicker skin and requires more sun than many other grape varietals. As a varietal, Malbec creates an inky black-red wine, which gives it strong tannins when fermenting making it great for blending with other wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to make the classic red Bordeaux blend.

History of Malbec

Malbec was once called black wine because its dark purple color made it stand out from other wines in France. In the Middle Ages, a malbec red wine bottle was found all over southern Europe and became a popular choice among French vintners even though it has been deemed sensitive to weather changes during harvesting. Though only an official five-red grape of Bordeaux, Malbec is one of the less cultivated varieties since producers prefer more tolerant plants. Despite the fact that the majority of red wine bottles in Cahors, the Appellation Controlée standards require a minimum of 70% Malbec wine.

Introduced to Argentina by French Agricultural Engineer Michel Pouget in 1868, Malbec has become one of the country’s signature grapes. Its suitability for sunny climates means that it does not suffer from rot or frost – especially since it produces full and ripe wines. This cultivar spread across all wine regions in Argentina and is now among one of the most popular varieties grown in Argentine vineyards today.

Malbec Wine Characteristics

When it comes to Malbec tasting notes, it is dry, full-bodied, and exhibits rich dark fruity aromas such as blackberries and plums. It’s crisp, with hints of vanilla, tobacco, dark chocolate, or even oak wood. The Malbec from the Cahors region can often be found more tannic than most because of the higher phenolic compounds which contribute to its darker color palette, while Argentinean Malbec tends to be juicer and fruitier in taste.

Because of the high acidity and balanced alcohol content, French Malbec wines can age for a longer period than other wine types.

How is it Made?

Malbec grapes are the main component of Malbec wine. Without a doubt, the first stage in Malbec wine production is to pick them fresh, then take them to the winery where they will be prepared for crushing. Once processed, Malbec grape juice must be transferred to stainless-steel fermentation tanks or wooden vats to ferment.

Malbec grape, like other grapes, varies in color from white to red depending on how it is fermented. Fermentation with the skin imparts a rose or deep-red hue, as well as additional taste ingredients l as tannins. The more it comes into touch with the skins, the deeper the color becomes – the process of allowing it to ferment for prolonged periods (often up to 4 weeks) defines how a wine will occur at the end.

After all, the malbec wine is maturing, and this is an important step since it is when the most dramatic changes occur. This period can be spent by either utilizing a little amount of sulfur dioxide to safeguard the bottled wines or by storing them in stainless steel tanks or barrels, as happens during fermentation.

Malbec Food Pairing

Malbec has medium acidity and moderate tannins, making it a versatile wine that pairs well with many different dishes. The wine goes especially well with hard cheeses and rustic flavors like cumin spice. Malbec is best when served with smoky red meats, steak, grilled lamb chops, or ised pork, and roasted chicken. Vegetarians may enjoy malbec with grilled mushrooms.

You can easily find Malbec red wine bottle in the most wine stores, both in-person and online. In-person, you’ll likely find it in the Red Wine bottle section. Online, you can find it on the websites of many different wine retailers if you search for red wine online. However, in order to help your choice,

we selected some good examples of Malbec wine.

Catena Zapata High Mountain Vines Malbec


Julien Pineau Coup d’Jus


Meeker Bells Echo Vineyard Malbec

If you’re looking to buy red wine online, you’ll be happy to know that Malbec wine is widely available. If you live in California, you might want to check out the selection of Malbec wines at your local wine store and for sure you will find a wide variety of brands and styles to choose from.

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